50-Word Story.5 #flashfiction

One of my writing goals for this year is to submit a piece of flash fiction monthly to the 50-Word Stories site. My January piece was published on the site. My submissions in February and March were not accepted, but I’ll share them here.

February: I try to write within a specific theme for the pieces I submit to 50-Word Stories mainly because it focuses me. Since, February was the month of love, my submission reflected that –

Sole Mates

“What do you think?” She fidgeted with her new bob cut. He’d never seen her with hair this short before. 

“Hmmm?” Her husband’s fingers continued swiping across his tablet.

“My hair, dear.”

He glanced up, then back at his device. “Oh,” he replied. “I’ve always liked your hair like that.”

March: I was reading many books about the end of the world in March and it came out in my writing when it was time to submit to the site –

If Not Now, Then When?

The asteroid raced towards Earth, determined in its destination, promising extinction. Chaos reigned globally. Humanity’s mood: despair.

Too impoverished for a seat on the numerous ships escaping this doomed planet, I spent my final days doing the one thing I never thought I’d do – I dug my own grave.

April: This month’s submission came from a combination of a writing prompt I found in the July/ August 2015 Writer’s Digest magazine which began with “I ate it – all of it. It was terrible, ” and an article about asteroids in the Australian Science Illustrated (Issue #65). I was poised for another rejection, but was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Tim that it would be published on the site.

Maybe the secret is that the title of both pieces start with the letter ‘R’? 🙂


50-Word Story.4

After a lengthy writer’s block, I wrote a fifty word story inspired by an article I read, and sent it off to Tim who runs 50-Word Stories. As with most of my pieces that I sent out into the world, once I did, I try not to worry if they’d find a home. If they didn’t, so be it. If they did, Yay.

This one did, and so, Yay!


Daily Prompt: #Carefree

In response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Carefree



She was fearless and carefree. Confidence and worldliness oozed from her pores, drawing all the boys toward her. She’s not like anyone you’ve ever known. She’s the you that you wish you could be. A little push, not quite a shove, as she stood too close to the edge of the roof and now you’re the carefree one.

Daily Prompt: Voyage

In response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Voyage


Source: http://www.nasa.gov

Her limbs ached slightly but her heart ached more. Wasn’t time supposed to heal all wounds? When she caught him in yet another lie after another lie, she said she never wanted to see him again. She looked down at the blue planet below. She’d slept for five long years in the hibernation pod in the spacecraft. Maybe she over-reacted.