Poem A Day: I’d take a knife to my skin

if it was
Razor Sharp.

But if it wasn’t
then I’d press the knife
the dimpled
of a nectarine.

until the sweet juices
trickle out
down my wrist
my forearms
my elbow.

and drips onto the floor
beside my sandaled feet.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 29


Poem A Day: Those clouds were the problem

‘Those are mammatus clouds,’ he told me.
I look upwards
True enough,
like mammary glands, I could see,

those clouds overhead.

I got into my car,
and off I went.
Rain came falling,
Visibility dwindling.
That’s the normal trend.

I started my wiper.
Oops, they flew off.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 28

Poem A Day: The Trouble is Just Beginning

I’m pretty sure of it.

I’ve signed the papers

and soon

we’ve to make an announcement.

Then all hell will break loose,

or it won’t.

It could go either way.


people will have to know,

roles adjusted,

responsibilities divvied up.

I’m ready,

I think.

Or as ready as I can be.

Are you?

And so it begins.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 27


Poem A Day: Off with the birds

And so,
the birds – they wake me
in the morning.

I hear them chirping,
sweetly singing.

I look out my window
it overlooks the pond.

I see an egret
scooping fishes with it’s beak!

I am incensed!

I run downstairs,
and rummage in the store room,
And rush out my house.

until I was face-to-face
with the fish-stealing feathered creature.

I point my hunting gun.
And shoot.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 26


Poem A Day: Allez!

There we stood,


Me on one side,

You the other,

Masks in place,

In my jacket,

I perspire,

Trying to remember,

Exactly where to attack,

Those vulnerable spots

on your body

which will benefit me most.

Swords at ready,

En garde we hear,

Oui we respond,

The buzzer sounds

And off we go

Attacking hearts for points.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 25


Poem A Day: Ways to unlove

If I could unpeel you from me,
I’d take a knife to my skin.

If I could dislodge you from my heart,
I’d take a shovel to my chest,

If I could unsee your face,
I’d gouge my eyes with a fork,

If I could disremember your voice,
I’d pierce my eardrums till they bleed,

If I could unforget,
I’d bang my head against wood.

If I could unlove you,
I would.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 24


Poem A Day: Morning dreams

In the morning

is when the best dreams come

when I awake

and return to sleep.

I dream

of all loves

and old crushes

of schoolgirl days

when passing notes

and how to do them

were my biggest concern.

I dream

of the future

premonitions of

my married self,

wife and mother.

the daughter and son

that I will have.

I dream of the love

I feel for them

people who have not existed yet

but only in my morning dreams.

So, in the morning

let me wake,

So I can go to sleep again.

And dream.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 23


Poem A Day: Just because I don’t act like you

Just because it is unsaid
Does not mean it was held back
Doesn’t mean it was intentionally withheld
The words were kept within
No, don’t tell me omission is a sin.

Just because I don’t feel
what you think I should feel
Doesn’t mean my feelings are less
Doesn’t mean they’re invalid

Just because you don’t believe me,
Doesn’t mean it’s untrue,
Can’t you tell,
it’s not me,
only you
who weaves webs of lies
trapping everyone.

Who are you anyway?
To name yourself our judge,
To preside over us.
You’re imperfect too
You omit, you distract, you delay.
Trust me,
if there was, I’d find another way.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 22


Poem A Day: Grey

I scrutinise it

every single day.

I turn and look

this and that way.

I lean closer to the mirror

taking a closer look,

I reach in with my fingers

with a soft pluck, I took

my first grey hair.

I thought it was the light.

There’s no denying it now,

Yes, I’m old, all right!

Poem A Day Challenge day 21


Poem A Day: Let’s Be Honest

Let’s be honest.
You need me,
More than I need you.
It was only me who couldn’t see.
It was me who stayed
when everyone said to flee.

Let’s get it straight.
Everything that’s happened?
All the ugly shit and stuff?
I take full responsibility.
You’ll never own up (coward),
it might as well be me.

Let’s cut the chase.
We only tolerated each other,
You hate my timidity,
I hate your guts,
But we were useful
to one another, you see.
Me, for my heritage.
You, for your money.

Don’t you just love all this honesty?

Poem A Day Challenge Day 20