Theme Reveal Time #atozchallenge

The theme I eventually decided on for this year’s challenge was actually a theme I contemplated writing about for last year’s challenge. I even went so far as to list out the potential post ideas for each letter of the alphabet. I’m glad that I kept that list though because at least now I won’t be starting from scratch.

From 2001 – 2003, I lived and studied in Toronto, Canada. It was my first time in that country and I spent those two years experiencing many firsts. I’ve written about some of my experiences in Toronto before but only superficially. I’ll be using this challenge to dig deeper into those experiences, which is something I’m quite excited about. So, this year, my theme for the April A to Z Challenge is

(I’m so excited about this theme, I even made a logo!)

As usual, I’m still at a loss as to what to write for those difficult letters X, Z and Q.

My April A to Z Challenge 2019 Theme Reveal


I’ve had this theme idea for a while now but I always thought that I didn’t have enough types of food/ food places for it to be a viable theme for the challenge. At most, I assumed I’d have probably 4 or 5, maybe 8 food/ food places that would work within the theme. That was until I sat down and started listing the food/ food places in alphabetical order and lo and behold, I had more than 20 possible blog posts! Of course, the usual “troublesome” alphabets like X, U and V are still post-less so I guess I’ll have to be creative with those ones (like every other year).

So, for this year’s A to Z Challenge, I’ll be writing about my Food Memories. For 26 days in April, I’ll share a memory – good, bad, funny, poignant – about the particular food, or food place (this is the “where I get creative” part) associated with the alphabet of the day.

“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.” – Anonymous

Now, to go read about other blogger’s themes for the challenge!

My April A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2016


I thought long and hard about my theme for the A to Z Challenge this year.┬áLast year, I thought I had a fun theme – Soundtracks to my Life but it turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated to come up with a song and a memory/ story associated with that song for each day of the challenge. I gave up early. It was no longer fun.

So, this year, to entertain myself and to entertain fellow A to Z-ers who’ll come visit (I hope), I’ve decided to write with the theme (drumroll, please…)

Today, At Work…

I’ve had so many hilarious, exasperating, stressful, bewildering, rewarding experiences throughout my career that I think it’ll be fun to write about them and to discover if anyone else has had similar experiences. Naturally, I also plan to write about the strange antics of the bosses I’ve worked for. I can’t wait to get started. 10 MORE DAYS TO GO, WOO HOO!