Writing Updates

  1. My e-book which is a compilation of April A to Z 2014 posts is in final edits. Yes, it’s been slow-going but my inner critic was really opinionated and it took a lot to quiet it down. Every post that I edited, my inner critic kept saying “This is utter crap! You shouldn’t be publishing this at all!” Whenever that happened, I had to put the draft down and write something else. Finally though, there’s light at the end of the editing tunnel and tentatively, this compilation of letters will be titled “Incoherent when Intoxicated: Letters to my Younger Self” 🙂
  2. I’ve been experiencing Writer’s Cement, a more advanced version, I am told, of Writer’s Block so there’s been no new words of significance (and non-significance) for many, many, many weeks 😦
  3. I did the online writing course, F2K in September, for about 3 weeks then dropped out mainly because my classmates started disappearing until I was left alone in the class. I disliked dropping out but the spirit was not there at all and this was my fourth go at this course that has given me so much in the past but oh, well.
  4. I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo
  5. My Manang story is on-hold for the moment and I’m back to writing about my two years in A-Levels. I’ve decided to employ flashbacks to tell the story. But knowing me, I’ll most likely switch between the two stories thereby leaving me utterly confused with sticky notes covering every surface that hasn’t already been covered with sticky notes or my crochet or the cats that I live with ;P

almost nanowrimo already?


22 days till NaNo2013. Already. That was quick.

I’m just beginning to figure out what I’m going to be writing about this year – Jessana’s story. I had more time to sort of figure out some elements of her story when I was doing F2K and she’s itching to go. I need to do this outlining thing right though before I begin.

A fellow NaNo-er who has her act more together than I do already has her outline done and also a 2500 word synopsis. My reaction is “EEEEPP!”

Time to get to work.

Update: I wrote an itsy-bitsy synopsis to get the ball rolling before I outlined my WIP: 

“Jessana’s dead grandfather reappeared in her living room with a command that shatters her attempt at living the normal life she craves. She’s the next Manang, whether she wants to be or not because someone else wants all that power: her little sister.”

Next. A mood-altering playlist as per Maggie Stiefvater.