Poem A Day: Grey

I walk in between

The light and the dark

Committing to neither.

This is not a place

I like to be in

But for now, I must.


It’s my happy place.

For now.

I stay in the grey

Only to protect myself

For to walk in the light

Means I have to reveal myself

I’m not ready for that yet.

To walk in the dark

I must deceive

That’s where I don’t want to go

So in the shade it is.

In the grey.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 9

Poem A Day: In dreams

He was with me
the entire night
or maybe it was just towards morning.

We walked beside one another
the rhythm of our feet in tune
our bodies close, barely touching.

He glanced at me
The very moment I turned to him
He gave a shy grin.

I smile in return,
Chuckle a little even,
My thoughts then turning to sin.

We were `us’ long ago
Now, we’re `them’
We pondered, remembering.
We only had eachother to blame.

I weeped, confused.
Needed answers, there were none then.
So we said goodbye.

He was with me
the entire night.
Or maybe it was just towards morning.

In dreams.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 7

Poem A Day: Hide me

You start screeching into your phone,

Hand gesticulating wildly,

I sit in front of you,

Whispering to myself ‘Hide me’

Maybe if I say it enough times

I’ll eventually disappear

I want to be invisible to you

I want you to not remember that I’m there

I hide in plain sight,

As you bang the table with your palm,

I hide inside blank stares,

I want to escape from this unharmed.

I hide behind a glazed-over gaze

Trying to avoid your escalating fury,

I wish I was transparent,

As you approach, I whisper again ‘Hide me’.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 6

Poem A Day: Stranger Danger

“Hello,” I say to her,

“Are you lost?”

She looks forlorn,

silent and alone.

“Where do you live?”

I kneel, holding out my hand.

“Let me take you home.”

I smile, urging her to trust.

“Ok,” she says finally,

“I live just down the road.”

She puts her hand in mine.

“Let’s go,” I say.

“Where to?” she asks, suddenly afraid.

I wrench her arm and drag her along.

“My home,” I bare my teeth, canines in full view.

She cries aloud.

Much too late, I think.

She’s lost.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 2

Poem A Day: Dear You

Dear you,

thank you for wishing that I’ll have a happy ending

When all I wish is that tomorrow be as good as today

For letting me tell my story

When I thought I had nothing left to say

For assuring me that I’ll find the right man someday

When I’m not even sure if I’ll find the right pair of shoes

For being strong on my behalf

Through all the times I felt I had only everything to lose

For assuring me that I’ll get better soon

Eventhough it still resonates, this hurt within

For letting me cry my eyes out

After all the time I had to hold it in

For reminding me that it’s all right to let go

I didn’t know I was gripping on so tight

For being a familiar, comfortable presence

Thank you, dear you, for knowing in your heart I’ll be all right.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 1