Poem A Day: you will be a wife

you will choose the flowers
what colour they should be
how they should be arranged
into a bouquet for all to see.

church wedding or hotel ballroom?
you know, i’d always go with a waterfall.
the food, the drinks, the wedding cake
videos of all your guests having a ball.

don’t forget your dress
the colours for the wedding party
the men in tux of course
last time i checked, you still couldn’t tell me.

wedding invitations, photographers
all the other nitty gritty
of an event occurring once in your life,
(i hope)
for dear sis, you will be a wife.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 19

Poem A Day: Oodles of Noodles

Assam Laksa, 
You come to me steaming,
I bend my head closer to breathe you.

You tantalise me,
with your noodle goodness.
Goading me to slurp more of you.

I don’t quite care for the fish though,
Or the mint garnish,
Nor the treacle-like sauce served with you,

You’re so sour and sweet,
And oh so spicy
I think I can eat two bowls of you,
I really do.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 18

Poem A Day: Inverse

Sometimes, the silence is noisy,

And sometimes, it’s lonely in the middle of a crowd.

Sometimes, I shiver in the sweltering heat,

Other times, I feel high, deep underground.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m drowning on dry land,

And at other times, the wide open space suffocates.

It used to be that the night is so bright,

Now often, the day is dark.

So many times, I’m shouting softly,

Crying for help, smiling helplessly.

Poem A Day Challenge Day 16

Poem A Day: Monsoon

Stuck at the bus stop,
Typhoon-like winds,
Leaves afloat, they spin.

“Here, my handkerchief,” you offer.
I take them from your fingers,
I let my touch on your skin linger.

I wipe away the rain,
From my face and from my body.
You follow the path of my actions on me.

I return the cloth back to you,
Damp, you take it from my hand,
You hold my wrist and gently you bend.

Until your lips a breath away from mine,
Until anticipatory pleasure turns to pain,
You smile at me and say, “I love the rain.”

Poem A Day Challenge Day 11