almost nanowrimo already?


22 days till NaNo2013. Already. That was quick.

I’m just beginning to figure out what I’m going to be writing about this year – Jessana’s story. I had more time to sort of figure out some elements of her story when I was doing F2K and she’s itching to go. I need to do this outlining thing right though before I begin.

A fellow NaNo-er who has her act more together than I do already has her outline done and also a 2500 word synopsis. My reaction is “EEEEPP!”

Time to get to work.

Update: I wrote an itsy-bitsy synopsis to get the ball rolling before I outlined my WIP: 

“Jessana’s dead grandfather reappeared in her living room with a command that shatters her attempt at living the normal life she craves. She’s the next Manang, whether she wants to be or not because someone else wants all that power: her little sister.”

Next. A mood-altering playlist as per Maggie Stiefvater. 

My NaNoWriMo Experience

dec01-2012-800w1NaNo this year was an utterly crazy, whirlwind, sleep-deprived, hair-raising, characters-not-cooperating, story-not happening event.

By the end, I was so drained of words, mildly hated my laptop and missed my bed.

Would I do NaNo again?


Despite the crazy times, this year, the NaNo experience felt more fulfilling because I had a plan (which I didn’t entirely stick to by week 2 but having a plan gave me a certain comfort level) and I had writing buddies and we checked in and encouraged one another periodically.

I’m still kind of basking in the NaNo-afterglow and I keep opening my NaNovel just to remind myself of the wordcount I’d achieved – 50414…50414…WOW.

If this is not evidence that I have words, stories in me…I don’t know what else is.

NaNoWriMo Day 25: WC 44312

An excellent writing day today which I hope to emulate over the next couple of days. 50K is so close, I can smell it. Hmmm…and it smells yummy.

I have to admit, I seriously had doubts that I could reach 50K in month. What more 20K. Maybe if I had 6 months, 50K seems more realistic.

Yes, I know that the almost-50K I have on the page now could REALLY benefit from editing, REALLY.

The fact that I’ll soon have at least 50K of words to edit is freaking amazing though.

Okay, going to push like crazy the next 2 – 3 days and get my word count validated before the hordes!

NaNoWriMo Day 24: WC 40422

Today, surprisingly – yes, surprisingly – the words flowed.

I attribute this to the unusual, unexpected element that was thrown into the storyline that changed the entire story and ultimately made me so invigorated to write it that my entire perception of Jools and Elliott has done a 180 too.

So, how I’m managing this is that I’m writing the story with the additional element, expanding the current story to include this new element and I’m having a blast. I’m really, really excited and have stars in my eyes.

Only 6 days to go but I’m hoping I don’t have to wait till the 30th to validate my wordcount and that I can do this earlier 🙂

NaNoWriMo Day 23: WC 37229

Because I was stuck, really stuck, eventhough I had killed off the peanut guy, I worked in another plot twist which totally changed the story.

I made Lesley, Jool’s Fairy Godperson. Which opened up a whole bunch of writing opportunities and also sparked a real spark in me when it came to the story and I felt elevated it from just an ordinary romance.

My initially Just a Romance story is now (in Day 23) a Paranormal Romance 🙂

Target for this week is to at least clear 40K, preferably inching towards 42K by Sunday night.

Write! Write! Write!

NaNoWriMo Days 21 – 22: WC 34526


Poor internet connection actually meant more time to write. Though not as many words as I’d like but I’ll take it. I’m crossing my fingers hoping to make up the wordcount over the weekend since it’s the last weekend before the end.

I’ve got a little bit more than 15K words to go and I’m sure that it’s going to be a BIG PUSH all the way.

I admit that the only new element I’ve added in the story is that I killed someone off. Yup, the guy who sells peanuts at the train station where Jools catches the 715am train everyday. I know, I’ve resorted to killing innocent characters 🙂 I’ve also gone back and done a whole bunch of descriptions too, to add to the wordcount.

I’m thinking that I really need to have a huge plot twist in order to write 15K more words to the story – the thought of having a paranormal/ supernatural/ fantastical element has not been ruled out.

NaNoWriMo Day 20: WC 31143

I cannot believe I’m saying this but – I’m going to take it easy with the writing until November 30th.

Yup, you heard me.

I have no doubt I will reach 50K but I’m not going to kill myself over it.

I’m going to write. No edits. Just write.

Crap, poetry, crapoetry, irregardless and just write.

That’s what the one day of rest taught me.

Words come to me easiest when I don’t force it out of me but to just let it flow.

NaNoWriMo Day 19: On a Break

Yes, it may be a slippery slope to take a 1-day break that could turn into 2-days then 5 days and then a week. But I seriously need to step back from my characters for a while.

When I first thought about taking a break, I felt a little guilty because writers write, right?

Then I realised that I’ll still be writing but I need to write about something else today and not about Jool’s and Elliot’s tangled love life which has me in a tangle too eversince I put them in a tangle. Well, they needed the conflict!

So, I’m gonna get started on the Christmas story that is due December 20th because I’m thinking Santa needs to get fit.

*Nanowrimo resumes tomorrow (crosses fingers and toes)

NaNoWriMo Day 18: WC 30012

That’s pretty much me slumped over my laptop after a day of writing.

I’m pretty sure what I typed to reach my current wordcount is unreadable. Ugh.

It’s Day 18 and I really am amazed at those NaNo-ers who have already crossed the finishing line of 50K because honestly, writing a full length novel is TOUGH!

I feel as if I’ve described every little bit that I can about my characters. I’ve pretty much described their homes and workplaces too. And every conversation they possible could have to get them where they are in the story have been written.

I’m considering adding a paranormal/ sci-fi element to the story just so I can reach 50K. Maybe even make Jools’ many cats secret superheroes. Or maybe make Lesley, her best friend, Jools’ daughter from the future who’s looking out for her mum making sure that her mother and father get together. Or something strange like that.

At this point in the storytelling is where I’m pulling out all the strange and unexpected plot twists just to keep the story going. I may have started writing a romance but it could turn into a mash-up of fantasy/ paranormal/ scifi when Nov 30th comes around. That’ll be real funny indeed.