A Guest Post for Me in the Middle

Ms. Mary Lou of Me in the Middle posted an invitation for guest bloggers to share their life stories – a time in your life where you thought you’d never make it through and you did.  A witness of the strength that you never thought you had.  An Arrival to a place of enlightenment, contentment and gratitude.  A message of hope to others.

After ruminating on this for a bit, I finally wrote a piece and sent it to her. It’s up today on her awesome blog. This is me, sharing just a little bit of my life story 🙂


An AtoZ Guest Post: T is for Toxic Boss

Doing double-duty today with 2 ‘T’ posts today. My guest post on the incomparable Mysti Parker’s blog http://www.mystiparker.blogspot.com/2014/04/t-is-for-toxic-boss-by-aj-joseph.html

Mysti’s theme for the A to Z Challenge this year is “I Will Survive” and immediately, I thought of an ex-boss that I used to work for/ with. For those who read my ‘M’ post ‘Mired in a Mad woman’s Madness‘, well, this guest post is sort of an elaboration of that experience.

Do drop by and say hello! Appreciate it if you could follow Mysti’s and my blog as well!

Happy A to Z! 🙂

A flash fic and a guest post

Aside from my everyday scribbling – the tumultuous story of Chris and Angie persists (their UNlove story needs to end soon, I feel), I also managed to squeeze in a 292-word flash fiction which was submitted to Fixi Novo as part of their win-a-book contest. The flash fic had to contain the words `son’ and `complex’ somewhere in the text. Typically, to purge my system, I wrote a flash fic titled `Crush’.

PLUS, I also completed a guest post for Mysti about my slight obsession with reading romance novels which will be up on her blog on the 12th of February.

Feel almost writerly with all this productivity. Yay me!

Now, if only I can finish that piece about Terrapuri and send it off to IMag, then I’ll really be nearly a writer 🙂