The New Fabio?

A favourite author, Cari Quinn, recently shared that one of her stories will appear in an upcoming Christmas anthology. She also revealed the cover of said anthology:

When I first saw it, I went “Hey! Why does the guy on the cover look SO familiar?’

Then of course, via my trusty goodreads, I realised that I had just read a book with the same guy on the cover:

And also realised that the previous book I read ALSO had the same guy AGAIN on the cover:

This guy sure does get around – must be the eyes ­čÖé



Hello, I’m addicted to Goodreads

Before I joined goodreads, I’d heard about it, of course. ┬áBut at the time, I mistakenly assumed that it was just a site where you catalogued the books you’ve read. ┬áAnd that’s it.

My interest spiked when a fellow Twittee (or Twitterer) tweeted reviews from goodreads.  My curiousity got the better of me and I signed up.  That was in March.

Since then, my reading world has exploded.  Or imploded.  Take your pick.

I’m on goodreads every other day. ┬áTo get book recommendations, to read reviews, to WRITE reviews. ┬áBest of all, I get to interact with authors that I’m a fan of.

Through goodreads, I’ve gotten to read authors recommended by other friends on goodreads that I may not have known about. ┬áThis has lead me to authors like Kristen Ashley whose books consistently make my Top 10 and also Tammara Webber – her YA romances make me wish I can relive my adolescent romances again. ┬áLOL.

I trawl through my book recommendations religiously, reading reviews, picking up the books which other readers rave about. ┬áIt’s a good space to be in for a reader-holic like me who’s always searching for the next book to devour.

I’m pretty sure that goodreads has an impact on the number of books I’m reading too. ┬áSince, March, with all the book recommendations out there meaning my list of To Be Read books drastically increasing, I’ve been reading almost a book a day, just utterly devouring them…and with ebooks, the dent in my wallet is not as scary as when I bought paperbacks. ┬áSo, definitely a win-win.

Oh, goodreads, what would I do without you.