A Month of Tweet-long Stories

Source: Wired

To find my way back to writing, after a long hiatus, I decided to start with tweeting short stories using the #vss365 tag on twitter. I managed to tweet a short story/ poem almost everyday in July, much to my surprise and delight. I thought I’d share some of the stories/poems that I liked and ones that received positive responses.

Word prompt – almost
#almost forgot where I hid the axe,
almost made the floor creak when I snuck up behind him,
almost missed his head when I swung,
almost missed a drop of blood on the floor when I was cleaning up, almost got caught by the neighbour when I slipped out,
But wasn’t.

Word prompt – butter
Arrows fly past me. I dodge vehicles strewn along the old highway. I clutch the package I’d found in an airplane wreck. My pursuers obviously coveted it. A single pat of #butter. Haven’t seen one of these since the world collapsed 2 years ago.

Word prompt – eclipse
Myths say that an #eclipse occurs when a dragon swallows the sun or the moon. I just had a heavy brunch but I guess a little moon would make a nice dessert.

Word prompt – pleasure
Stuck at the bus stop,
Typhoon-like winds,
Leaves afloat, they spin.
“Here, my handkerchief,” you offer.
I wipe away the rain,
From my face, my body.
You follow the path of my actions on me.
#Pleasure turns to pain,
You smile at me and say,
“I love the rain.”

Word prompt – crestfallen
She waited patiently in line for nearly 2 hours. When it was finally her turn, the owner regretfully put up a “Sold Out” sign at the front of his stall. She fell to her knees #crestfallen holding in a whimper. All she wanted that day was her favourite chicken rice.