#atozchallenge 2020 is upon us!

February, despite having an extra day this year, zoomed past, and now we’re in March! I still have February feelings which is why I was a little bit caught by surprise when I got the notification email that sign-ups for the April A to Z Challenge is now open. Whaaattt???

I signed up (No. 91) but I’m panicking a little because I truly have no idea what I want to write about this year. This is in contrast to previous years when I had several theme ideas swirling in my head.

The theme reveal is slated for the 16th of March, there’s no obligation to participate in the theme reveal but if I have an idea what to write about by then, well, I can get started on what my posts will be like in April. Crossing my fingers and toes.

Anyone else joining or thinking of joining the April A to Z Challenge this year?