A Reunion Dinner? Nah, I’ll Pass.

A post about why not all dinner invitations from friends need to be accepted.

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A few days ago, I sent a birthday greeting to a friend I hadn’t seen in years. I’ve known Ed since kindergarten and we’ve kept in touch on-and-off throughout the years, though very much less so since he moved to Bangkok several years ago. These days, the only time we communicate is my annual birthday message to him. Strangely enough, though Ed’s birthday is only 2 days after mine, he somehow never greets me first, rather after he receives my birthday greeting, he’ll reply with a `Happy Belated Birthday to you too!’ Then 365 days would pass, and this cycle would repeat.

After I sent him that message, he told me that he’d be down in KL for the weekend and suggested we meet for dinner. My first instinct was to turn the invitation down, yet feelings of guilt quickly followed.

Guilt??? Why the heck did I feel…

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Writing Report Card IV

“Read lots. Write lots.” – Ian Rankin

It’s 2020! More specifically, it’s FEBRUARY 2020! 11 more months left to this year, a scary thought indeed, where did the time go??? Since my last Writing Report Card, there’s not been much to report regarding my writing activities, I’ve been reading lots, but unfortunately, not writing lots. I’m blaming the hectic holiday season in December that bled into a semi-busy January. It’s time for me to get off my butt though and set some writing goals. But first…

  1. 50-word-stories – To my surprise, I had two (2) back-to-back acceptances in October and November. The first line of the story was from a romance novel I was reading at the time which I thought was a compelling line, so I knew I had to use it somehow in a story. The final iteration of the microfiction turned out to be a little funny. Full disclosure, I didn’t submit any stories in December and January. I felt a little guilty initially, but I’m over the guilt now and am working on my February submission.
Upcoming writing plans:
  1. Continue submitting to 50-word-stories monthly. In 2019, I submitted 11 out of 12 months, and got published 5 times which translates to a 45.5% success rate. As submission statistics go, that’s pretty good!
  2. Look for another site to submit stories to monthly, perhaps one that will accept stories less than 1000 words.
  3. Revive blogging on my other non-writing blog – Stories from Sonobe – which has been dormant since 2016, sad to say. New posts will be linked to this blog.