Deciding what to read during flights and the holiday has and will always be one of the most difficult decisions I have to make. One thing I can definitely say now is thank goodness for my Kindle.

Pre-Kindle, I would pack between 3 to 5 paperbacks for a trip, agonising for days, which 3 or 5 books to take. Not great for controlling luggage weight.

Now, I just load up books on my Kindle, which gives me a choice of between 10 or 100 books, fiction and non-fiction. In addition, with Zinio, the magazine reading app, I get my subscribed digital magazines which I can download into my device and read online sans wifi. This is when technology is awesome.

Despite all that though, I still bring at least one paperback and one magazine (usually Reader’s Digest), just in case my tech fails me.

The one and only paperback I’ve decided to take with me this time is one that I’ve taken with me on previous holidays but not managed to finish – Stephen Hunt’s The Kingdom Beyond the Waves.

My mother, on the other hand, is happy with magazines and she’s equipped herself with almost five different kinds, and I’m sure she’ll get more at the airport and during our travels.

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