Galliventures with My Mother

While I was frantically trying to think of a title for the series of posts depicting my travels with my mother, I thought of the word gallivanting. Somehow though, based on my previous experiences travelling with my mother, that word seems insufficient. Another word that came to mind was adventures, which is how I tend to view the trips with her, in hindsight. Although some of our adventures tend to not go the way we expect them to. Thinking of both words, I thought galliventures was a more apt description of what tends to happen during our mother-daughter trips.

Since I won’t have a laptop during the trip, only my trusty iPad mini, I foresee my posts during the trip itself to be short and sweet as I’m not a fan of the touchy keyboard thingy. Although who knows, I might get a proper keyboard thingy while travelling which will allow me to write longer posts.

What will this series be about?

Well, obviously, I’ll be posting about my experience travelling with my mother. It won’t be a travelogue with lists of places to visit if you’re in a certain country per se, rather it’ll be more of the how to survive travelling with a family member (especially if it’s your mother)-type posts.

This isn’t my first mother-daughter trip

This is probably my 4th (or maybe 5th? They’re all beginning to blur together) trip with my mother, just the both of us. This is the first time I’m documenting the trip though, so that will be exciting (I hope).

Also, in my family, I’m the only child who has traveled alone with my mother as an adult. Go figure.

So, that’s my not-so brief introduction to this series, see you in the next post!

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