(Z)aru Soba #atozchallenge

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post this month will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Food Memories‘.


The first time I tried zaru soba or cold soba noodles was on an airplane heading to Tokyo. I was 15 and tt was my first trip to a country which I’d grow to love. I was travelling with my sister, younger brother and father, to visit my mother who was in Japan for a one-year study tour.

Similar to the cold soba served in-flight that I had years ago

During the in-flight dinner service, we were each given a tray which had a bowl of green noodles (which I later learnt was soba), a bottle of sauce labeled ‘noodle sauce’ (duh), a small sachet of wasabi and a small empty bowl containing a packet of small pieces of dried seaweed and slices of spring onions. Thankfully, there were no quail eggs in sight.

My siblings and I had no idea what we were to do with this concoction. My father, who sat in the aisle across from us, pointed at the different bowls on our tray and mimed some actions, which none of us could decipher. He then took out a pen and started scribbling on a paper napkin. He reached across the aisle to pass the napkin to us, and we saw that he had scribbled instructions including drawings for how to eat cold soba! I wish I’d kept that napkin, his instructions were hilarious.

However, since I no longer have it, here’s a How-to video for those of you who’re never tried cold soba – The Right Way to Eat Cold Soba Noodles.

8 thoughts on “(Z)aru Soba #atozchallenge

  1. According to the video I’m definitely eating soba noodles wrong! But I prefer the ones with sesame sauce anyway! 😀 Your A-Z posts were very entertaining. It was fun to read about your food memories and learn about some delicacies I’ve never heard of!

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    • Thank you! It has been fun to post about my food memories this month, and reading the comments from readers who didn’t know such food existed and wanted to try it 🙂

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  2. I haven’t had cold soba but I’ve tried a few other cold noodle dishes. My favorite thus far has been one ordered as an appetizer at a hot pot place in Chinatown (Chicago). Honestly could not tell you what it was called but chili oil was a major component. 😀
    Adorable how your dad came to your aid with his instructions.

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    • You would think that cold noodle dishes sounds weird, but after you try them, they actually can make sense!

      True, my dad’s instructions really helped, or else we’d have just mushed everything together haha

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