Bo(V)ril #atozchallenge

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post this month will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Food Memories‘.


At the back of my pantry, there’s a small bottle of Bovril. Just in case. I don’t really eat it as often as I used to but I like to have it on hand, in the event I wake up in the middle of the night and crave something unctuous and salty.


When I was young, one of my favourite meals was white rice mixed liberally with a tablespoon (or more) of Bovril. I could just have this concoction without anything else, and go to sleep with a full stomach. On days when I had no appetite, my mum would make this for me, and my appetite would miraculously reappear.

In Malaysia, Bovril is stirred into rice porridge (yum) and coffee.

I’ve also tried Bovril diluted in hot water too, which is apparently its original method of consumption. It tasted really beefy, hearty, good for a really cold winter’s night if you’re wintering in Winterfell, I’m sure. For tropical Malaysia? Not so much.

Have you ever tried Bovril? Or something similar like Marmite? Did you like it?

10 thoughts on “Bo(V)ril #atozchallenge

  1. Is this salty like vegemite or soy sauce? I tried vegemite years ago and didn’t like it, but now I love salty more than sweet so I wonder if my tastes have changed. We have a few international markets here, so I’ll have to look for bovril.

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