(L)emon Drops, I Don’t Heart You #atozchallenge

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post this month will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Food Memories‘.


My sister’s hen’s night (or bachelorette’s party, depending on which part of the world you’re from) was a pretty memorable night. But, whenever something or someone reminds me of that night, I scrunch up my face and go “Ugh!” This is because that night, I was introduced to one of the most malevolent cocktails ever – lemon drops. Ugh!

Full disclosure: I was forced instructed tasked to organise my sister’s hen’s party since I was the MOH, which for those not in the know, stands for Maid of Honour. The entire day before, I was running around buying balloons, getting pink feather boas, calling her friends to make sure they would be at the bar at the agreed upon time, etc… By the time, my sister and I ended up at the bar to start the night, well, I was running on empty because I’d only had a bowl of instant ramen sometime throughout the day.

That innocuous-looking yellow drink in the front is the aforementioned evil lemon drops.

When the tray of lemon drops first arrived which were part of the hen’s night drinks package, they looked so inviting – cute, sparkling yellow, and they tasted sweet, which should have served as a warning since sweet cocktails are always deceptively boozy.

One of my sister’s friends, distinctly remembered that I’d said “Oooo…these are sweet like candy!” and then downed the shot, immediately picking up another one. That was one of the last things I remembered from that night.

The next morning (or afternoon), my world was spinning. I had the worse hangover I’ve ever had before and since. AND, I still had to go in to work since I only took the morning off. I barely remembered getting to work, and also what happened at work. That entire day was a black hole.

It’s been 6 years since that eventful night, I haven’t had lemon drops since and I’ve never been happier. Lemon drops, ugh!

Do you have a drink you think of as your nemesis? A drink that you had too much of and never want to have again?

PS: I wrote about my sister’s hen’s night for the April A to Z Challenge in 2013. You can read it here 🙂