My April A to Z Challenge 2019 Theme Reveal


I’ve had this theme idea for a while now but I always thought that I didn’t have enough types of food/ food places for it to be a viable theme for the challenge. At most, I assumed I’d have probably 4 or 5, maybe 8 food/ food places that would work within the theme. That was until I sat down and started listing the food/ food places in alphabetical order and lo and behold, I had more than 20 possible blog posts! Of course, the usual “troublesome” alphabets like X, U and V are still post-less so I guess I’ll have to be creative with those ones (like every other year).

So, for this year’s A to Z Challenge, I’ll be writing about my Food Memories. For 26 days in April, I’ll share a memory – good, bad, funny, poignant – about the particular food, or food place (this is the “where I get creative” part) associated with the alphabet of the day.

“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.” – Anonymous

Now, to go read about other blogger’s themes for the challenge!

Ooops I Did it Again #AtoZChallenge

So, despite not finishing the April A to Z Challenge last year, and procrastinating on posts the year before, I signed up to do the challenge again this year.

“You don’t have to do the challenge every year, you know,” said concerned friend when I reminded him that the challenge was on the horizon.

“I know. I just want to,” I replied. “It’s like an annual writing tradition. I see April on the calendar, and think Blogging A to Z!”

I couldn’t wait to sign up and am pretty sure I was one of the very, very early birds when the sign-up list opened up yesterday. I kept checking the challenge site and when that 1000th post showed up, I immediately clicked the sign up form 😀

I am feeling fairly positive about the challenge this year, because:

  • I already have a theme!
  • I’ve a blog post idea for most of the alphabets, except for the letters Q, U and V. Darn you Q!
  • I’ve started writing some of the posts! Well, one so far. But that’s better than the previous years when I’d write the day of, or when I’m REALLY hardworking, the day before! My target is to write draft at least 7 posts by the time the challenge starts (crossing my fingers and toes).

Can’t wait for the theme reveal on the 18th of March and then checking out what everyone else will blog about in April!