Lessons learnt from my attempt (and subsequent abandonment) of the 2018 April A to Z Challenge

bloggingThis year’s April A to Z Challenge, which begins in about 2 months, will be in its 10th year. Sign ups for the challenge opens in about a month, on March 1st. I have every intention of signing up and doing the challenge this year, but that was my intention last year too.

The first time I attempted the challenge was in 2012. And since then, I’d attempted it every year, completing 5 times, and not completing it once. In 2018, I only managed 4 posts, which was the second time I didn’t complete the challenge.

So, what happened? I’ve a few thoughts about that:

  • I didn’t prepare as well as I should have i.e. come up with the individual posts which correspond to each alphabet before the start of the challenge
  • The theme was a little too close to home for me. Those years in college were fairly turbulent ones and I’ve always wanted to put them down on paper. I suppose I was worried that I wouldn’t do the memories justice and so put added pressure on myself to get it right, which eventually led to not writing them at all.

How will these lessons inform my next attempt at the April A to Z Challenge?

  • Decide on a theme that doesn’t require deep diving into painful or awkward memories
  • To at least, have a list of blog posts (within the theme) for EVERY alphabet BEFORE the challenge starts
  • To ensure each post is limited to a specific number of words per posts and to make each word count.
  • To have fun.

With these in mind, I actually have two theme ideas already but which one will I choose? Check back on March 18th, 2019, and you’ll find out.

PS: I do not want to be Bunny McRabbit in the cartoon I inserted in this post.

50-Word Story.4

After a lengthy writer’s block, I wrote a fifty word story inspired by an article I read, and sent it off to Tim who runs 50-Word Stories. As with most of my pieces that I sent out into the world, once I did, I try not to worry if they’d find a home. If they didn’t, so be it. If they did, Yay.

This one did, and so, Yay!