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Going to school, I wished I could wear whatever I wanted instead of the uniforms that’s required of us. Before you assume that uniforms are only for those who attend private schools, here in Malaysia, government schools also require their students to wear uniforms.

In primary school (ages 7 – 12), we wore a uniform that consisted of an inner white buttoned-up short sleeves shirt with a dark blue pinafore. We also had to wear white socks and shoes. I remember hating the chore of washing shoes every weekend!


In secondary (ages 13 – 17) school, instead of a dark blue pinafore, we wore a bright blue pinafore.


I was so happy when I was done with secondary school so that I didn’t have to wear a uniform to college! However, after a short, blissful period of wearing whatever I wanted (mostly) to my classes in college, I dreaded having to make the decision of what to wear that day and wished we had a uniform instead! 😀

Did you have to wear a school uniform ever in your life?

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  1. I used to wish the same. But when I started working, I wish I had a uniform because I was too lazy to pick my daily outfits. The grass is always greener…

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  2. I went to a Catholic school, so you better believe we wore uniforms. We boys had to wear a light blue shirt, dark blue tie, dark blue trousers, dress shoes and a sport coat. The girls had a specific jumper dress in Black Watch plaid, with a white blouse and either knee socks or anklets. We were so used to it we didn’t mind.

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  3. When my kids were younger the school they attended required uniforms one year. That lasted about a month. Parents and kids didn’t seem to like to be told want to wear and basically rebelled. I kind of liked the uniforms from the standpoint of economy, but I could understand why the kids didn’t care for it.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    • It’s difficult to assert one’s individuality when we’re all wearing the same thing to school, that’s for sure. I would think that for parents, having their kids in uniforms to go to school would lessen the headache of shopping for school clothes though…


  4. I never liked the idea of wearing uniforms to school but my son went to a school one year in which he had to wear one. School shopping was so easy that year. Also not having to find something to wear to school each day made life less hectic.

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