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There are many Malaysian traditional dances and each ethnic group in Malaysia has their own dance. For Ibans, it’s the ngajat, a dance that mimics warriors in battle. For the ethnic group that originates in Sabah, it’s a dance called the sumazau.  

Ever since I was young, I was always involved in performances, most especially dances. One of the first traditional dance I learned is called the joget (joe-get). It’s a traditional dance belonging to the Malay ethnic group. It’s a couple dance and the tempo is fairly quick. A good workout! This dance is quite popular and would often be performed at international events or occasions, weddings.

Source: Dance Malaysia

I had the opportunity to perform this dance at an event during my secondary school years. I remember we had to practice every other day until we got the complicated footwork right!

Me focusing on my footwork

I managed to dig up a decades old photo of me doing the joget. I’m the one on the far right, focusing on my feet. The girls all wore sarongs and a baju kurung top. A baju kurung is a traditional dress.  We also had long scarves around our necks. And yes, the dance is sometimes performed barefooted.

Maybe one day, I’ll try my hand at ngajat since that’s the dance of my people 🙂

What type of dance do you wish you could learn?

5 thoughts on “Joget

  1. I am so enjoying this trip to Malaysia! Don’t you mean you’ll try your foot at ngajat? 😉 Sorry, could not resist! 🙂
    BTW, Alamak has become my new word to shout at the TV when watching the news!

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  2. Wow thanks for sharing the picture of you practicing the joget! I could never do any of these graceful dances so they would place me in Dikir Barat where you’re sitting down hahahahah!

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