Anticipating A to Z

2017 BadgeWe’re already in the second week of March. Where the heck did time go???

In a few short weeks, April will roll around and for some of us, we’ll be knee deep in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I’ve been doing the challenge since 2012 and always look forward to each challenge since.

This year though, it seems the organisers are doing things differently. There’s no sign-up list for the Theme Reveal on March 20th and also no sign-up list for the actual challenge. A departure from the norm indeed! My immediate thought was “How will I know who else is doing the challenge???!!!”

After I calmed down and continued reading the posts on the challenge site, I realised that perhaps I’d overreacted a wee bit. Hehe. This year, fellow A-to-Z-ers are encouraged to leave links to their posts as comments on the challenge Facebook page  or site. Those with twitter accounts are also encouraged to tweet their posts and use the #atozchallenge hashtag. Even without a linky list, the organisers have laid out all these avenues to find fellow A-to-Z-ers and read their posts!

So, what’s next in the lead up to April? The theme reveal, of course! I’ve had a theme idea since last year’s challenge ended and I can’t wait to get started writing! YAY!




8 thoughts on “Anticipating A to Z

  1. Good for you! Going without a list made me apprehensive at first–not so much for myself since I often did not use the list, but for the participants. Really though not having a list to which to refer won’t be all that much of a big deal I don’t think.

    Thanks for helping to promote A to Z.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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  2. I am SO DISAPPOINTED and will not be participating this year though I have my posts all but ready. The extra fooling around is unnecessary. A sign-up list, whatever state of flux it is in becomes a time saver. I’m not going to read blogs about cats, or sci-fi, gaming, and a list of others, but I read EVERYONE of the blogs to do with writing, travel, food…you get the point. Scheduling posts, allows me to be done with the busy work and TIME to start reading and commenting. It makes no sense to me that the list is hard to maintain! It’s never up to date. People can open a blog, find them at home or not and move on. Now there is the daily step, plus no ability to filter out my interests. I have LOVED the #Challenge, participated 100% including after, continuing to use the list for further reading. I will miss finding new blogs, making new friends because THE LIST became a problem for a few while for the participants it WORKED. Really sorry!

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