My April A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2017


My theme this year came to me immediately after I was done with the challenge last year. In fact, I even started brainstorming some post ideas! So, this year, for 26 days, my posts will be centered on the theme


I’m excited to write about the food, culture and everything else about Malaysia. So far though, the posts I’ve drafted are food-related 😀 Which isn’t surprising because we Malaysians are food-obsessed! Can’t wait to start posting as well as reading everyone else’s posts!

All my children

Recently featured on WordPress Discover, Glenn talks about being a blog parent. He has three blog kids, so far. I have ten (I think)! 😉


As the parent of multiple blogs, it seems the youngest one always gets the most attention. As the parent of multiple blogs, it seems the youngest one always gets the most attention.*

When I started Roamin’ Gnomials, I envisioned a one-size-fits-all publication that would easily encompass my scattershot approach to life. If a particular blog post didn’t resonate with one reader, I felt confident she’d come back for the next thing, which would surely be more to her liking.

Eventually, however, it sank in that no matter how much I might wish it otherwise, some things — like death and politics — just weren’t going to fit inside, so the man who long-resisted friends’ urging to write a blog now has three!

Blogs are like children, and as any parent knows, sometimes one child needs more attention than the others, which is why I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been a neglectful father, and while that’s not good, it may also be understandable. Anytime…

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Anticipating A to Z

2017 BadgeWe’re already in the second week of March. Where the heck did time go???

In a few short weeks, April will roll around and for some of us, we’ll be knee deep in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I’ve been doing the challenge since 2012 and always look forward to each challenge since.

This year though, it seems the organisers are doing things differently. There’s no sign-up list for the Theme Reveal on March 20th and also no sign-up list for the actual challenge. A departure from the norm indeed! My immediate thought was “How will I know who else is doing the challenge???!!!”

After I calmed down and continued reading the posts on the challenge site, I realised that perhaps I’d overreacted a wee bit. Hehe. This year, fellow A-to-Z-ers are encouraged to leave links to their posts as comments on the challenge Facebook page  or site. Those with twitter accounts are also encouraged to tweet their posts and use the #atozchallenge hashtag. Even without a linky list, the organisers have laid out all these avenues to find fellow A-to-Z-ers and read their posts!

So, what’s next in the lead up to April? The theme reveal, of course! I’ve had a theme idea since last year’s challenge ended and I can’t wait to get started writing! YAY!