Daily Prompt: Glass

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Glass


“Linda, I’m going to leave in about 5 minutes, that okay with you?” I ask as I pack files into my work bag. Normally, with this much work left to do, I’d just stay back at the office and get them done but I’d told Linda it wasn’t a problem for me to send her to the train station on my way home. I didn’t want her to take the taxi.

“Ya, okay.” Linda replies.

Ten minutes later, we’re in the lift on our way down. The beats of my heart quicken and I look over at Linda to my left, she’s white as rice.

“I parked around the corner, in front of the biryani restaurant,” I inform Linda so that she’d know where to head immediately after we arrive on the ground level.

The lift stops, we exit silently, and walk briskly to my car. The sounds of my heels click-clacking on the cream tiled floor seems to echo throughout the plaza. Linda and I don’t speak as we walk pass the bustling biryani restaurant. I thought I detected the noxious scent of cigarette smoke but as I glance quickly around me, there’s no one. So far, so good.

Five quick steps away, I press the button on my remote and the car doors unlock. I enter the right side and wait for Linda to get in and shut her door. Faster, faster, faster. Once she’s in, I press the button again and the car doors lock with a SNICK! I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I turn my key in the ignition, a small smile on my face –


– I jump at the sound and turn towards the source. Outside Linda’s window is her husband. She is still as stone beside me.

RAT-TAT-TAT! He knocks again and follows with trying to open Linda’s door. At that moment, I’m glad that I was quick enough to lock the doors. A second later and – I didn’t want to think about it.

He looks disheveled, thinner than the last time I saw him. I can hear him telling Linda to get out of the car. Linda is still not moving. I am tempted to rev the engine, not caring if his feet are in the way. Actually, I think I much prefer if they were.

“Linda, I’m going to go.” She snaps out of whatever fugue state she is in and tells him that they’ll speak another time, that we are leaving.

I take one last look at them before putting my car in gear. Linda is staring at the man she used to love or never loved at all. He stares at her with longing. At that very moment, less than an inch of tempered glass separates them but that minuscule distance might as well have been a universe.


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