Weekly Discover Challenge: Practice Makes Perfect

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Discover Challenge: Opening Line.


It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.

Liza wanted it to be perfect. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone to guide her so she had to rely on information gleaned from movies she watched and books she read. She hoped it would be enough.

She combed her fingers through her long black hair, making sure it hung straight down. If only she could check if the middle parting in her hair was straight. In the movies she watched, the girl’s hair always had a perfect middle parting and their hair hung all the way to their waist. The bottom of Liza’s hair ended mid-way down her back. The girls in the movies she watched also always wore white, she looked down at what she had on and thought that the nightdress was perfect – white and shapeless.

Liza thought that perhaps for her first time, she could make the experience intimate so she hid in the closet in the upstairs bedroom and waited.

She heard the front door creak open and steps going up the stairs. Anytime now, Liza thought to herself. She was beyond excited. The door to the bedroom opened and she could hear the occupant in the room open and close the dresser drawers. Just a while more. From the gap underneath the closet, she saw that the light on the nightstand was switched on. Perfect, she’d forgotten about the importance of lighting but this was how it should be. There shouldn’t be too much light, just enough to cast shadows. Liza heard the bed covers being thrown back and the sound of a body sliding in between the sheets. She counted down Three, Two, One…

Liza crawled out of the closet, making sure her nails scrapped on the floorboards. CREEAAAK…CREEAAKK…She let out a guttural moan and approached the bed. CREEAAAK…CREEAAKK…Liza smelled the fear emanating from the occupant in the bed. Cool, she thought. And when her head cleared the top of the bed, she made eye contact with the occupant and crawled towards the woman. Perfect, Liza thought, a woman’s easy. The woman screamed and started crying and tried to get away from Liza.

“GET AWAY! GET AWAY!” The woman shouted at her. “GET AWAY FROM ME!” Liza was quick though and held on to the woman’s ankles until the woman fainted dead away. It all took less than 2 minutes.

Huh, thought Liza, how anti-climatic. Liza let go of the woman’s ankles and made herself comfortable beside the woman. Maybe the second time around would be better but all in all, Liza thought that her first haunting went almost perfect!


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