Daily Prompt: Deprive

In response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Deprive


She was deprived of thoughtful gestures.

Whether it’s an umbrella over her head when she crossed the street during a rainy day. Or a reminder to get something to eat when she worked through lunch. Or even a book given to her because the giver thought that it would be her kind of read. She once had all these but like so many things in life, took them for granted and only when she didn’t have them, she missed them.

At a bookstore with a friend, she was browsing through the aisles, a cup of coffee in her hand. Her friend, Teddy, asked if she was looking for any particular book. “Oh, just a romance book. I saw it here the other day. It was on offer and I’m out of books to read,” she replied. She’d expected Teddy to cringe when she mentioned “romance books” or to lecture her about females always wanting to read books with half-naked men on the cover. Instead, he asked “Who’s the author?”  “Um…you wouldn’t have heard of the author, I’m sure,” but she told him anyway.

She dismissed that exchange and continued hunting for the elusive book. After minutes, which seemed like hours, of looking for the book and not finding it, she was ready to go home sans book. She looked around for Teddy, who seemed to have disappeared too.

She wandered through the aisles trying to guess which she’d find him in – science fiction, horror, biographies…She eventually found him in the last aisle she looked – the romance aisle.

“What are you doing here? Looking for a book for your wife?” She teased.

“Nope, I’m helping you look for your book. I can’t find that author you wanted but what about this one?” Teddy held up a book by another romance author that she occasionally read but her thoughts were no longer about the romance book.

Her eyes widened with pleasant surprise. A thoughtful gesture! A THOUGHTFUL GESTURE! She didn’t expect it of him. She didn’t expect any that day. “Let’s go,” she told him “I’m buying you a drink!”

For that one small moment, she no longer felt deprived. And oh, what a lustrous feeling it was.


10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Deprive

    • True! Thoughtful gestures these days are so rare, everyone’s so busy and focusing on themselves but it doesn’t take anything at all to show it.


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