#BEDM Day 31: It’s a Wrap!

Though I didn’t blog everyday in May (I missed 10 days), it feels like I’ve been blogging non-stop (well, since April) and I’m feeling a wee bit burnt out right now.


I’m looking forward to taking a bit of a break, reading other people’s blogs and discovering more new blogs.

I’m sure after a few days, I’ll miss posting on this blog since this is where my primary interaction with fellow bloggers happen. I mustn’t forget about my other blog though which is probably filled with cobwebs due to the inactivity. That’s the problem with having more than one blog. You think you’re being organised by compartmentalising the blogs, then you neglect them because it’s just one blog too many. At last count, I have 10 blogs. Yep, TEN.

Anyway, thanks to all my fellow bloggers/ readers/ lurkers for bearing with me for the past few months. Your comments have been such a joy to read and respond to. If there are any news of the writing kind happening with me, this is where I’ll post. Otherwise, I’m over at Stories from Sonobe. 🙂

14 thoughts on “#BEDM Day 31: It’s a Wrap!

    • Like I mentioned to Glenn, though I have 10 blogs, some has been inactive for years and others well, it’s SECRET blogs i.e. my online journal kinda haha


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