#BEDM Day 28: Chest Nuts


So, this is where I get my regular fix of chestnuts. Or “chest nuts” as the sign says. This fellow is parked in front of my local supermarket most evenings and when I’m in the mood for chestnuts, I drop by and get a bag. These days, he’s diversified to steamed peanuts and also sweet potatoes. I’ve yet to try either.

Here, the chestnuts are being “dry-fried” in a wok with pebbles stained with black soot. There’s lots of popping and I stand back a little. Once done, he removes all of the chestnuts using a slotted ladle and places them in the blue  box behind the wok and stuffs a pillow into the box to keep the heat in and chestnuts warm.

Not quite “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” but when I crave for chestnuts, this will more than satisfy the craving.

7 thoughts on “#BEDM Day 28: Chest Nuts

  1. Boiled peanuts are a favorite here in the Southern US, as are sweet ‘taters. I know you said steamed, but it’s probably no different. The chestnuts (I like the compactness of one word) sound a mite tasty….


    • Hey John, yep, I’m sure boiled or steamed peanuts are similar LOL Yes, the chestnuts are tasty. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting, no problem 🙂


  2. I dont think we get chest nuts here – water chestnuts yes. But we have roasted peanuts – fun to crack open and eat. Steamed peanuts are popular in some parts of the country but somehow I dont much care for them. Husband is a huge fan though! Sweet potatoes are available here as well but even I havent tried them.


    • Yes Dahlia, we get water chestnuts too (which are a pain to peel). Roasted peanuts are also a fun snack. Sweet potatoes when it’s steamed are so healthy! Love them 🙂

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