#BEDM Day 27: Pride

Today’s topic is from the Found Love Now What blog – What are you most proud of?


I don’t think I can name just one, so I’m going to do a list. I’m proud…

  • …of the fact that I still have the stuffed rabbit my mum made for me when I was 4 years old. It’s more than 30 years old!
  • …that I still have my baby blanket. Which is also more than 30 years old!
  • …that I did excellent in my final Master’s degree defense despite the fact that I’d just gotten my heart broken, learnt that my sister was in an accident and had not ate or slept properly in the weeks before while I was writing my thesis and preparing for the defense.
  • …that I chose the road less traveled even though sometimes I look back and wonder if I can change my mind.
  • …of my stamp collection which, yes, you guessed it, is more than 30 years old! I’m certain one of those stamps will make me a millionaire one day. I’m sure of it 😀
  • …of my younger brother and sister, for the life they’ve carved out of themselves, despite the hardship they faced.
  • …that I can tell people my age without cringing.
  • …that I didn’t break down, cry, scream and punched the tattoo artist when I got a tattoo on my left ankle and I could feel the needle against my shin.
  • …that I messaged that guy who owns the coffee shop downstairs from my office and asked him out for lunch.
  • …that I’ve bitten my tongue whenever I felt like cussing out my incompetent bosses. So proud 🙂


9 thoughts on “#BEDM Day 27: Pride

  1. Your stamp collection caught my attention. No one seems to collect stamps these days like they used to when I was a kid. I still have my collection which is over 50 years old for the most part, though I continue to tear stamps off of envelopes and occasionally buy stamps from the post office to add to my collection. It really is a wonderful hobby though I’m not so sure about the investment value. According to some of my research, some of the stamps in my collection may have even lost value over the years.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    • Well, no one collects stamps because no one really writes letters these days! Though there is a small group of snail mailers (me included) who are trying to revive the practice of letter writing, it’s difficult to beat the immediacy of emails 🙂 Your stamps have lost value? Oh no, there goes my retirement plan… LOL


      • I went to a stamp show several years ago just to get an idea about what things were worth. They were selling mint sheets of older U.S. stamps for less than face value. You could buy them for less than the price of new stamps and still use them for mailing letters. Pretty crazy.

        Over all I’m not sure how much value my collection lost if it did lose value, but it didn’t increase like I had hoped. I doubt whether I could sell it for what I invested in it over the years, but then again I’m no expert and could be wrong.


  2. I so wish I still had my blanket from being little!

    High five on staying cool with the ink. When I had mine done, the artist said that grown men had cried over less which made me feel tough as hell 😄

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