#BEDM Day 25: Dear Me…

Day 25: A letter to your younger self.


Dear 32-year-old-me,

Tonight, you’ll go on your first blind date since signing up with the dating agency.

For the first blind date, you won’t have time to go home to change, which means you’ll rush from work to meet him at the restaurant. Pack lipstick and a hair brush.

You’ll arrive first. You’re not early, just on time. Your table will be by the window which will allow you to see who enters the restaurant. Be observant.Β When your date arrives, don’t judge. Don’t. Yes, he’s slightly older than you’ll expect but keep an open mind.

Order the pan-seared salmon, it’s worth it, I assure you. And when he shows you pictures of a surgery he did, put on your happy, interested face. After maybe 15 minutes, he’ll be done and you can start enjoying your meal. Oh, when he regales you about his favourite European city, I suggest you just nod and smile because to be honest with you, he’s not the one. He’s not even going to be a friend.

When he asks for the cheque, resist from rolling your eyes when he takes out his wallet and mumbles “Hmmm…which credit card should I use today…” Resist. Resist.

Oh, and he’ll ask you for your number and before he asks, spell your name out for him otherwise he’ll type ADELINE in his phone, instead of AMELIA. I propose giving him your old phone number. The one that doesn’t work anymore.

Brain surgeons, not all that.

Don’t worry, there’s still five more interesting blind dates to come πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “#BEDM Day 25: Dear Me…

    • Haha. This was several years ago and I’ve already gone on the remaining blind dates. All were eventful and the dates will be fodder for a future book πŸ™‚

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    • Blind dates are interesting huh? πŸ™‚ The next five were indeed extremely interesting but I didn’t go on a second date with any of them after. LOL


  1. Blind dates are really interesting. Especially in a perspective from the future you! I wonder if the past you would have still gone on the blind date, even knowing that it wouldn’t result in a relationship…

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