#BEDM Day 19: Of bungy jumping & blind dates

Today’s topic is from the Found Love Now What blog – List ten things you’ve accomplished in the past decade.



  1. Bungy jumped off a bridge 47m above the Waikato River – Screamed till my throat was sore and probably scared the sheep in the vicinity. And there were a lot of sheep.
  2. Successfully organised my younger sister’s Bachelorette Night – I use the word success because every one had a good time and till this day, no one remembered what happened that night.
  3. Started a company – Though my leaving the company wasn’t all flowers and unicorns and I’ve since sold my share of the company to the other partner, this still counts as a life accomplishment in my book 🙂
  4. Obtained my Open Water Diving License even though the idea of being in the water and relying on mechanical equipment to breathe seemed like something only a crazy person would do. And also fish with big teeth scare me.
  5. Cutting ties with toxic people in my life – There were too many people in my life who were emotionally draining and at first, I didn’t know how to let go of these relationships. I eventually did because being with them made me perpetually depressed. Not healthy.
  6. Traveled solo to Siem Reap – Booked flight tickets. Me! Booked hotel. Me! Planned activities. Me! Decided where and what to eat. Me! I agreed with everything I suggested I do ;P
  7. Paid off my student loan and my monthly car payment -HOORAY!
  8. Had two of my short essays published in the local newspaper and two flash fiction published online – Ambition and Biding Time
  9. Signed up with a dating service, went on 6 blind dates that has/ will become fodder for my writing, and SURVIVED! Big accomplishment considering the men that I met on those dates *shivers and goosebumps*
  10. Drove on the right side of the street while on the left side of the car – This was when I was visiting my sister in Houston. At first, I got into the wrong side of the car (the right) when the driver’s side was on the left. I drove from her house to the nearest Kroger’s which was 10 minutes away. I drove at a pleasant 35 miles/ hour, arrived at my destination in one piece. Done with my shopping, drove back and stuck to the correct side of the street and again, arrived in one piece. Also one of my biggest accomplishments to date 🙂

11 thoughts on “#BEDM Day 19: Of bungy jumping & blind dates

    • Haha Yep, I gave myself many pats on the back for that. Though when I was asked to drive on the freeway, I blanched LOL Is that what Texans call Houston, H-town?

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      • Some do. Others just call it Houston. But speaking of Texas cities, here’s an insider tip, should you ever go there: Never, and I mean NEVER, call San Antonio “San Antone.” We San Antonio natives HATE that, and always know anyone who says that is an outsider. In fact, you could find yourself on the business end of a pool cue if you say “San Antone” in the wrong part of town!


      • Who would ever want to shorten San Antonio to San Antone????!!! Loved San Antonio, by the way. I ate way too little when I was there. The Alamo was breathtaking

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  1. Great list. I would never attempt #1 and I hope to skip #9, but the rest sound very good (especially #7 and #8). #10 reminds me of when my husband and I rented a car while traveling in Australia and NZ. (We are from the US.) Every time he went to signal a turn he turned on the windshield wipers. Every time. (Every. Single. Time.) It was, to me, quite hilarious. He was less amused.


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