#BEDM Day 18: 10 Things That Cheer Me Up

Today’s topic is from the Found Love Now What blog – A list of ten things that always cheers you up when you’re down.


1) Rainy, gloomy weather – I absolutely love it when it’s rainy, drizzling, gloomy, cloudy. I also love it when there’s thunderstorms and lightning racing across the sky.


2) Snail mail – I love coming home from work to find snail mail – postcards, letters and especially packages! Not bills though 😦 I won’t open them right away instead I’ll wait until after dinner when things quiet down and then open them and enjoy what’s inside. I love sending snail mail too!

3) Books that make me go through a roller coaster of emotions e.g. Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley, The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson and any Kristen Ashley books. The more emotional it is, the happier I am.

4) Funny cat videos/ gifs

5) When the barista finally gets my name right (and I didn’t even have to spell it for them!)

6) Perfectly-risen Yorkshire pudding – With roast beef and lots of sauce! Mmmm…comfort food

One of the best batch of Yorkshire puddings that I’ve ever made

7) Listening to Christmas music in June – Or all year-round actually. Christmas music is a staple in my playlist. Relegating them to only the last three months of the year seems cruel 🙂 Who doesn’t love singing about a White Christmas when it’s blazing hot outside?

8) Level 4 Spicy Japanese curry rice – Best when eaten during cold weather. The heat from the curry will warm you from the inside out. Mmmm…more comfort food

Japanese curry rice with pork katsu, I heart you

9) An Amazon gift card – For one of my birthdays, a friend gave me an Amazon gift card so that I can buy e-books to my heart’s content. BEST. GIFT. EVER. Thinking about the moment I unwrapped the present to find it inside still brings a smile to my face 😀

10) Good manners – Having the door held opened for you, someone holding an umbrella over your head as you cross the road together, being asked to go in front of the line at the cash register because you only have two items to pay. This ALWAYS makes me more cheery 🙂


My 10 things (or non-things) in 2013.