#BEDM Day 16: Staying when I want to leave

Day 16: Something difficult about your “lot in life” and how you’re working to overcome it.


There’s several things about my current work situation that makes me want to throw a tantrum and storm out of the office:

  • A boss who insists on running the research centre like a training provider thereby focusing on profit instead of the mission of the centre which is to promote awareness of the purpose of the research centre
  • Colleagues who specifically express that they’re not interested in what I do because it’s not part of their job scope when all I ask is just to help answer the phone when I’m away from my desk and give basic information to the person who calls instead of answering “Call back later when she’s (me) back.”
  • Being asked to design website banners and workshop brochures even though we have a graphic designer who has been doing that because the boss wants to save money and doing this takes me away from what I’m supposed to do since graphic designing is not my main responsibility.
  • Et cetera, et cetera…

So, why not just up and go? Well, money for one. I don’t have as much as I’d like in terms of savings so I don’t want to leave without a safety net. And fear of the unknown.

Though there’s a lot of things I’m unhappy with about my current job, the abundance of my annual leave, minimal work load and long Friday lunches (1230noon till 245pm) pacifies me momentarily. So basically, this job that frustrates me allows me the time and freedom to build up my freelance work and once that’s up and running, I’m handing in my notice.

So, this is my something difficult right now, being at a job that is slowly but surely sucking my soul. Blogging keeps me sane 🙂 And also this mantra which I repeat a million times each day:



My ‘Something Difficult‘ from 2013, which is still my something difficult now too…

9 thoughts on “#BEDM Day 16: Staying when I want to leave

  1. Eerily similar to my situation about a year ago. I crossed over to the unemployed ranks and interestingly even after a year, I dont regret my decision. But then I do admit that I had been dragging my feet on the issue for over 3 years before accepting my husband’s (spur of the moment) offer to fund my existence – am sure he has been cursing his momentary lapse whilst i tap away my life 😉

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  2. This might encourage me to say a few things about the things I hate at work. I’ve resisted because 1-2 people at work DO look at my blog, but I’m asking myself if I really care. Probably not, but let’s see how I feel in another 4-5 hours, which is the first opportunity I’ll have to write.

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    • No workplace is perfect and we should be able to vent on our own blogs, yes? Think of it is therapy 🙂 Better to vent than keep things bottled inside because you won’t know when that whole ‘this is the straw that broke the camel’s back’ thing might happen! Just sayin’ ;P

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      • Exactly! I’m “retired” from my career, and the only job I have now is a part-time job that’s really good in a lot of ways for a person in my situation. There are still aggravations, however, but the bottom line is that I don’t make enough money to worry too much about consequences of speaking my mind!

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      • I’m wondering if your aggravations at work are similar to the aggravations that I’ve been posting about. It’ll be nice to know that I’m not the only one always venting about the workplace/ colleagues! 🙂


  3. I understand it can be frustrating 😞 Take it easy (like all of your colleagues) and yes enjoy those long Friday lunches!


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