#BEDM Day 13: Dear Green Owl…

Day 13:  Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.


Dear Green Owl,

I’m sorry I have been ignoring your emails reminding me to continue learning French. I needed some time to figure out when and where I’ll use the phrase Ils ne pourront jamais rentrer sur Terre (They will never be able to go back to Earth). After much contemplation and alcohol, I’ve decided that one of the characters in a story I’m thinking about shall be a French astronaut. He and the rest of his crew will travel to the moon but through some bad luck and poor timing, he returns back to Earth, leaving behind his crewmates. As he looks out the port window of his shiny rocket at his friends on the surface of the moon, he’ll say “Ils ne pourront jamais rentrer sur Terre…”. 


Thank you Green Owl from Duolingo, whatever would I do without you 🙂


My public apology to fellow candy-crushers.