#BEDM Day 12: Old Roommates

Today’s #BEDM topic – What Do You Miss? – was taken from this blog, which lists the topics I referred to when I did this challenge in 2013. 


When I was 18 and starting A-levels, I stayed with 3 other girls in a hostel. The room we were assigned wasn’t very large, it was long rather than wide. It reminded me of a corridor 🙂 It was the first time I’d be staying with strangers and I didn’t know whether to be excited or scared.

The first roommate I met was ML. She wasn’t a stranger, much to my relief. We’d met a year ago when we attended the same tuition centre. Though we weren’t BFFs, or even quite Fs, we were more acquaintances, she seemed tolerable. So far, so good.

Then there’s F, who turned out to be super-extroverted, predictably unpredictable and loved shocking people with her words and antics. I’m still certain that if we weren’t roommates, we would not be friends. She was Ms. Popular, I was not. Our orbits never would’ve intersected.

Finally, there was KH, she was our resident genius who was also emotional and had an amazing singing voice. She was born on January 7th, which automatically made her our older, wiser sister.

We were such a motley crew.  Truly, no four could be more different yet somehow we fit into one another’s lives like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

I remember one night, weary of the monotony of study, someone switched off the lights in our room. I was at my desk focused on my textbook, hoping that the information would migrate into my brain via sound wave. My desk faced the window which meant my back faced the light switch so I didn’t know who switched off the lights that night. I’m guessing ML since she was always the one that came up with the most outrageous ideas. Then the music that was humming pleasantly in the background was turned up.  This sounded more and more like something F would do.  I was getting up from my seat, when hands grabbed me and the next thing I knew, I was being forced to wriggle to the beat of the music!  Everyone knew that I don’t dance, yet there I was in the middle of the room being forced to sway my hips like its never been swayed before.  I was gyrating, making unnatural shapes.  This dance torture didn’t last long though (phew) because I managed to escape from my captor’s grasps and planted myself on the floor, making sure no one could drag me to do more gyrations.

In the end, all of us ended on the floor and we laughed our asses off. The lights were still switched off. We needed that spontaneous dance-off; the daily grind was slowly wearing us down. Moments like those kept me smiling for days afterwards.

Of course, there was the flip side to all the fun and funny antics.

My nightly ritual was to have a cup of coffee or tea after dinner before I settled down for revisions.  One night, after a particularly weary day, this ritual brought a sense of order to my chaotic thoughts.  I had already brewed a cup of tea and left it covered on my desk while I popped off to the washroom.  Returning, anticipating my tea, I reached for the cup.  I lifted the lid and as I laid my lips on the rim, my eyes were drawn to 3 pieces of orange cheezels floating in my tea, leaving oily trails.

I was shocked – my tea! My precious tea! Tears welled in my eyes, the stressful day and my ruined tea overwhelmed me, as I turned towards the obvious culprits – ML and F who were giggling behind their text books. Did they think it was funny?  The tea was un-drinkable! All I wanted was a quiet night. I hated them then, at that very moment.

And now, having lost touch with all of them, I miss them. A little.


My What Do You Miss? post from 2013.