#BEDM Day 11: The ROM

For Day 11 of #BEDM, I’ve chosen to use the topic proposed here – Museums. 


I love museums. I always have.  Walking into a museum always takes my breath away and there’re times when I wished I could hop, skip and jump along the corridors of a museum because the exhibits bring me such joy. If you love me, you’d bring me to a museum, and I’d forever be yours.

When I lived in Toronto, one of the places I’d frequent was the Royal Ontario Museum or the ROM. The first time I went to the ROM, I spent 4 hours roaming it’s halls and I’d only covered less than half the exhibits!  I’d stand in front of each plaque/ signage, and read the information and look at the display, making sure I didn’t miss anything.

I’d revisit the ROM every other week. If I was in the area but without enough time to look at the exhibits, I’d hang out in the museum shop. (I love museum shops too!)

One year, for Halloween, the ROM screened the classic horror movie, Dracula (1931). Accompanying the screening of the movie was an orchestra that would play the “soundtrack” of the movie. I had to sit on my hands or else I’d clap throughout the movie, I had such a wonderful time!

The ROM has undergone a facelift. When I went, it looked like this:

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Now, the ROM looks like this:

Photo courtesy of http://www.bloor-yorkville.com

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the former 🙂

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