I Survived Another #atozchallenge. Again.

The last time I survived the #atozchallenge was 2014. So, surviving it again this year (after 2015’s less-than-perfect performance) was awesome!

survivor-atoz [2016] v2

This year, about 10 of my posts were written way ahead of time which in itself is an amazing feat since I normally prefer writing my posts on the day itself.

Some days, I had no idea what to write about and instead of stressing myself out about it, I just let it go (because the challenge is supposed to be fun!), and wrote that post the next day (or the day after that ;P).

I liked the theme I chose this year because it gave me an opportunity to vent to strangers about my work conditions which was of course good for my stress levels.

I loved reading the comments I received and at times wonder if my fellow challengers think that I made up the people/ situations I post about because they seemed alarmed/ surprised/ suspicious. Unfortunately, every post in this challenge is 100% true, including the antics of The Boss and colleagues I wrote about. Yep.

I spent more time this year commenting on fellow challengers’ posts than the previous years I did the challenge. I loved the interaction and stumbling upon new blogs.

I also found several blogs that I will continue to lurk at read 😀 –

  • Roamin’ Gnomials – I loved reading about the people in his life and I found his writing to be engaging and humorous. Some of his posts were sad too and even those ones kept me hooked. His comments on my blog made me laugh, sometimes LOL
  • That’s What Anxious Mom Said – Throughout the challenge, her posts about textspeak were informative and downright funny! I had to stifle my giggles every time I read them because I’d read posts while at work and I didn’t want my colleagues to ask me what I was doing. In the end, it sounded like I was trying to stifle a cough and they’d ask me “Are you okay?” “Ya.” I’d always reply.
  • Herding Cats and Burning Soup – I’m borderline obsessed with Anna’s blog because it has book reviews, pictures of hot men and cats! Her posts about lust were at times NSFW and other times surprising like when she posted her P for Privacy post when I’m sure all her loyal readers were expecting something else LOL
  • Stephanie Ingram – Stephanie wrote mostly creepy stories during the challenge but her last post was her “N” post. I loved reading all her stories and there were a few I would only read in the day time. I hope one day, she’ll expand some of the posts she did for the challenge into a full-fledged story. I’d read them.

Looking forward to the next A to Z challenge!

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