The (W)ine and Cheese Fiasco

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Today, at work…’.


Today, at work, I had to morph from my regular day job to reluctant party planner.

The week before, The Boss had a wild hair and decided that the office should throw a wine and cheese party for our associates and partners. Our eyes went wide and she told us not to worry as she’ll take care of everything for the party. Okay…

The Boss had emailed everyone that the wine and cheese party would start at 430pm. Nearing noon on the day itself, there was no food, no drinks especially no wine and no cheese. Okay…

Then after lunch, The Boss looked at me and asked “So, when do you intend to get the stuff for the party?” WHAT?????!!!! “But you mentioned that you’d handle it?” “Oh yes. I changed my mind but if you go to the supermarket now, I think you can make it.” WHAT?????!!!!

And that’s how I ended up racing to the supermarket with the admin assistant as we shopped for wine, cheese, crackers, soft drinks, et cetera et cetera. The Boss gave us a WHOLE list. Helpful.

After nearly three hours getting everything that was needed for the wine and cheese party, we returned to the office. Tired and hungry. We didn’t have time to stop for lunch, afraid we’d be late. The Boss looked over what we had bought (which included paper towels, which were not on her list, so I was certain that I’d gone above and beyond), and remarked “Were these the only types of cheese you could find? Were there no other crackers? Why did you only get one type of beer? Wasn’t there wine from Chile? This one’s from Australia.”

Exhausted and feeling used, I replied “This is what we could find in the short time we had. Where do you want everything set up?” We had a silent standoff which lasted several minutes before she told us where we could place everything. We did it posthaste and when the first of the guests arrived, I said hello and made my excuses to leave. Partying was the last thing I wanted to do by then. Let The Boss deal with the cleanup.


What was the most memorable office party you’ve ever attended?


16 thoughts on “The (W)ine and Cheese Fiasco

    • Debbie – She’s the owner of the company and the reason why she hasn’t been punched is because we all didn’t think she was worth our bruised knuckles. Yep, she was a nightmare. Though it’s been years since I’ve worked for her, I still fear bumping into her on the streets


  1. Wow, what a boss! And yet…your story sounds like, in another time and place, it could be really funny. But maybe that’s just me, picturing you racing around the store trying to get the wine and cheese for her party. 🙂 And I loved the line about a party just being a meeting with food.


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