(S)colded for being (S)ick

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Today, at work…’.


Today, at work, well, I didn’t go to work because I was sick as a dog.

It wasn’t perfect timing since we had a public lecture planned but I thought we had it covered since I checked in with The Boss a few days before the flu got a hold of me and held me hostage.

When we planned the public lecture, all initial negotiations were done by The Boss, whenever I asked if there was anything I needed to follow-up on, she said everything’s sorted. I believed her.

So, the Thursday before the public lecture on Friday, I woke up and my entire body was aching and I had a fever. I dragged myself out of bed to the doctor’s and called in sick. Friday was a repeat of Thursday. Except that Friday afternoon was the day of the public lecture. I texted The Boss and informed her that I was calling in sick again that day and also let her know what else needed to be done for the public lecture aside from the arrangements she’d already made prior.

Apparently, on my deathbed sickbed, I learnt that when she said she had everything sorted. Nothing was sorted. How did I know this? Because she texted me and demanded I come to work and sort everything out and that it was my responsibility and if it was her, she’d come in to work. I was getting sick of this rubbish.

I replied to her that I had updated my colleague what needed to be done, and that there was still time to wrangle a laptop and projector, we had both in the office.

But no, that didn’t satisfy her, she repeated again that I was not being responsible by acting the way I did.

I replied that I wasn’t coming to work for the public lecture because I’m sick and if she was unhappy with my work performance then I’d be happy to discuss it first thing on Monday morning. There was no reply after that.

I texted my colleague to let them know that The Boss is angry at me and to not let it affect the public lecture. She texted back saying “Oh, really? But The Boss seemed all right, she’s even helping with the public lecture.” What the heck?

At the end of the day, when I knew that the public lecture had ended, I asked my colleague if everything went well. “Yeah,” she replied, “We had one person turn up.”

“One person???” I messaged back.

All that angst on the sickbed for one measly public lecture with one participant.


What unnecessary reprimand/ scolding have you gotten from your boss?


22 thoughts on “(S)colded for being (S)ick

    • Hi Liz – where I am, if you go to work sick as a dog, people actually commend you for it and perceive you as courageous. Not me, if someone comes in to work, I just think they’re selfish and don’t care if they infect others

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  1. This sounds like someone I used to work for – she always said she had everything sorted until it came to it and we were left scrambling to organise things that could have been done if she’d just been honest!


    • Hi Debbie – After that episode, I know to ask specifically what is sorted already because their definition is sorted would most likely be vastly different from mine. Yup, just be specific!


  2. Sigh. Poor you! She was being rather unreasonable. Nice to know you’re an essential part of the organization 🙂 p/s: the comic reminds me of Crazy Lady!


    • “An essential part of the organization” sounds like code for “you’re competent so we’re going to give you more work” LOL Ya, the situation in the comic is familiar right???

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    • Where I’m from, if you come in sick as a dog, folks will look and you and think “Wow, she’s so sick yet she still comes in to work. Such a dedicated worker.” Bah, I say.

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  3. I love my boss. When insomnia hits hard and I can’ get to sleep till the wee hours of the morning…I call in ‘sleepy’ and I get the morning off. It’s not often…but it sure feels good to have that option.


  4. I also had a boss that demanded we come in to work even when ill. Well, guess who took a sick day when he was sick?! He also demanded we show up during a blizzard, only to be sent home an hour later.


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