The (R)escue

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Today, at work…’.


Today, at work, my colleagues and I rescued a co-worker who was trapped in the changing room at a training centre on the other side of town.

It was nearing noon when she called the office and asked us to call the folks at the training centre. We asked her why didn’t she speak to them herself since she was there. She said she can’t because she’s trapped in the changing room. After several minutes of interrogation, we got the whole story out of her. During the training, she went to the changing room to change out of her street clothes and into swimwear and coveralls. The next session would require the trainees to experience what it felt like to be in water while wearing coveralls. Since she was the only female in the training, she had the entire changing room to herself.

The problem was, out of all the stalls she chose, she went into the one which had a door that fit too snugly to the frame and try as she might, she couldn’t pull the door open to get out, once she finished changing.

She said she tried shouting but no one came. The next session of the training had started and still no one came to look for her.

She even considered squeezing herself underneath the door but the gap was only a foot wide and she worried that she’d get herself wedged between the bottom of the door and the icky floor of the changing room. She abandoned that idea.

Luckily, she brought her cellphone with her which was when she called us.

We phoned the training centre and asked them to go to the changing room to save our colleague. They were shocked at first that it took her calling us to call them when she was just several feet away. They got her out and she resumed the rest of the training. Apparently when the trainer asked her where she’d been, she calmly replied “I had to attend to an urgent matter from the office.”

We spoke of that rescue often for the next couple of months.


What has your coworker done that made you roll your eyes/ shake your head wondering how you ended up working with them/ laugh/ cry?


10 thoughts on “The (R)escue

  1. She must have really tried everything to phone the office knowing she would get hounded lol 🙂 I love what she told the trainer!


    • Haha, thank goodness she brought her phone. I have no idea what her next recourse would be if she didn’t have her phone with her, climb over the door???


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