(Q)uitting: The Telltale Signs

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Today, at work…’.


Today, at work, a co-worker resigned.

After 4 years watching people come and go (at last count, 9 ex-coworkers), I’ve regrettably become an expert at telling when people are intending to fly the coop.

It begins with the earphones for drowning out the conversation in the office.

Then it’s skipping lunches so that they can take and make calls to potential future employers.

A marked increase in sick/ emergency leave comes next which is most likely for attending interviews.

Underlying all these is a general apathy towards any new projects on the horizon.

Oh, and I’m forgetting, the glazed look in their eyes which signals I just don’t care anymore. Do whatever you want. I’m not going to be here soon anyway.

I noticed all these symptoms in the co-worker before he resigned and knew that it was just a matter of weeks. I was wrong, it was only a matter of days.


What are some of the signs that you’ve noticed about your co-workers right before they quit?



16 thoughts on “(Q)uitting: The Telltale Signs

  1. These are the more noticeable ones. Lack of engagement clearly shows something is cooking. I also see these things but I’m not observant enough to pin point who. In India though quitting to get a better pay package is quite normal.


    • It’s common here too to jump from job to job to get a better pay package 🙂 I think it’s less that I’m observant and more that it happened so many times that I can’t help but see a pattern in behaviour 😀

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  2. You have summed this up very well. Never noticed such a thing. Guess it comes after many observations.

    You are welcome to visit my posts for the A to Z Challenge


  3. In my current job, people are usually pretty honest and just say if they are looking for another job, but in past roles, I’ve worked places where these signs start showing up, especially the not caring any more one


  4. I’ve been guilty of leaving my last two jobs because they were wearing me down and sucking me dry – I certainly had the glazed “I don’t care I’m outta here” look in the final weeks I’m sure!


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