(M)eetings are my bane

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Today, at work…’.


Today, at work, I came to the conclusion that I truly sincerely detest meetings. Truly.

I recently attended a meeting which I thought would last less than 30 minutes but ended up being 1.5 hours long. I was informed it would be a preliminary get-to-know-you meeting, outlining roles and responsibilities, nothing in-depth yet. It turned out to be a full-on brainstorming session. Preliminary, yeah, right.

I’ve attended meetings where everyone emerged crying except for The Boss, who came out smiling.

I’ve also unfortunately attended a meeting during which when The Boss asked my colleague what her thoughts were about what we just spoke about, she replied “I have no thoughts.” The rest of us had so many thoughts about why she had no thoughts.

I’ve been in meetings that lasted 4 excruciatingly long hours after which I couldn’t quite remember if the meeting objectives were achieved. I felt dazed afterwards.

I’ve also attended a meeting for which we were 4 hours early. This happened because The Boss didn’t bother reading the email that the client sent to her which informed her of the change of time. Later, she said she’d never received the email even though the client printed the email as proof that the email was indeed sent.

My dream meeting, if I have to attend meetings, would last no longer than 15 minutes. Everything else can be done via email.


What were some of the most interesting/ strange/ funny meetings you’ve ever attended?


22 thoughts on “(M)eetings are my bane

  1. I used to like meetings, but eventually grew to hate them, too. The last place I worked, it was such a dog-and-pony show, with enough prancing sycophants that it made me want to puke. Your post took me back, and made me thankful that I no longer have to put up with any of that!


  2. I used to work for a company that insisted on having a meeting every week, regardless of whether or not there was anything to discuss. I hate meetings that are just for the sake of it. And that 4 hour meeting sounds gruelling. I think when they run that long, you tend to come out of it with your spinning and very little information actually goes in!


  3. Hahahaha no thoughts! I remember her!!!
    At long meetings you just need to roll your eyes, sigh really loud, yawn even louder and check your watch.
    Tick tock tick tock! I dare you to try it 😁


  4. That is what my husband says when he comes home every day. He spends his entire day jumping from one meeting to the next and hardly has a chance to get any “work” done. I swear he has meetings to plan meetings! lol To me, although I’m admittedly on the outside of things, meetings seem like a big way to waste a lot of time.


  5. I had a day job in retail a while back, and I dreaded having to attend staff meetings. Especially when we got to the role-playing team building exercises. My goal at every meeting was to irritate my boss to the point where she would give up and let us go home.


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