The (K)yrgyz Encounter

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Today, at work…’.


Today, at work, I’m watching government officials from Kyrgyzstan frolic in the sand and water at the beach.

The officials were here for a week-long visit and The Boss agreed to their request (well, not a request since they paid us) that we accompanied and introduced them to their counterparts in the country. Easy and interesting, I thought.

Yep, spoke too soon yet again.

We traveled through several states by chartered bus because the government officials didn’t have the budget for flights and they complained the entire time about how long the journey was even though they were aware beforehand that the trips would take several hours from one destination to the next.

The head of the delegation told us that she wanted to arrive on time for the meetings but when we arrived earlier, she got angry and said she didn’t want to be early, she wanted to be ON TIME.

The weirdest thing though was that they insisted (not a request since they realised they paid us) we bring them to a beach because apparently, some of them had never seen the ocean. I assumed The Boss would say no since this was not part of our job scope AND we’re not tourist guides but The Boss was concerned that they’d be offended if we weren’t being “helpful” and said yes. We arrived at the beach and the ladies insisted they change into their bathing costumes IN the bus because they were worried the public changing room was below their standards. Then the Boss asked me if I wanted to swim. “No.” I replied not liking this at all. Then she told me that we’d have to stay and watch them because she was worried that something would happen to them. I’d thought this would be a drop-off but no, we had to babysit them while they tried to stay afloat and took selfies while they rolled around on the sand.

Seriously, how in the heck did I get here?


Have you ever wondered how you got yourself into some strange situations at work? Elaborate 🙂

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