(H)appy Events

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Today, at work…’.


Today, at work, we had a meeting about “happy” events.

First, some context.

During her exit interview, an ex-colleague said that one of her reasons for leaving was because the office was not a happy place.

Naturally, The Boss took offence and called us in for a meeting. During the meeting, she asked us if we also thought the office was not a happy place. I looked at my colleagues and saw that none of us wanted to be the first to answer that question, there was no correct answer. So, we sat there in silence.

Thankfully, The Boss, in her obliviousness, declared that we would have monthly “happy” events so that no one would ever be able to declare that the office was not a happy place. Each of us (except for her) would come up with an activity for all of us to do that would contribute to the increase of happiness in the office.

The first “happy” event? Bowling.

Which of course didn’t happen because on said date, our workload exploded and we postponed the “happy” event and never found the time to re-schedule. Thank goodness.


What was the weirdest work initiative at your workplace?


10 thoughts on “(H)appy Events

  1. If I’m working in an office I don’t think I want to spend much time socializing with coworkers outside of that environment. Then again I guess it depends on the coworkers.

    In most of my work situations I have been the manager so if there had been any weird work initiatives they would likely been my idea and I probably didn’t think of them as being especially weird. But really I can’t think of anything. Work was work and as long as we all went home with paychecks it was fine.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


    • Hi Arlee – there were only few of us in that particular office i.e. 6 and we pretty much spent heaps of time with one another already during projects and lunches so the prospect of having to also socialise outside of work via the happy events was not welcomed at all…


  2. I worked for a company that thought w didn’t spend enough time together so they’d turn semiannual meetings into two-day funfests. One year they decided we’d play volleyball. It was hotter than blue blazes, the last thing you want to do is play volleyball. Another year we decided to combine kickball with a three-legged race. I don’t miss them…


    • Hi John – That actually sounds fun plus it was just two days twice a year compared to what my boss planned which was every month! This would work in large organisations with multiple departments but at my work place where there’s few of us and we see everyone every day, not seeing everyone after office hours was preferred 😀


  3. Oh goodness. I laughed out loud! I suspect your boss is a little out of touch of what may constitute a “happy” event. Being forced to plan work social activities is not usually high on that list. lol Having monthly money showers over the office, on the other hand, well, that could be pretty darn happy! 😉


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