This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Today, at work…’.


Today, at work, I visited a poultry hatchery.

It was my first time to a hatchery so I didn’t know what to expect. Other colleagues who’d been to hatcheries mentioned that it’d be a “cleansing” experience and didn’t elaborate further. Great.

When I arrived, I was asked to remove my watch, any jewelry and my shoes and placed them in a shallow bin that was provided. My bag also went into the bin and then the entire bin was placed into a UV oven to be sanitised. I was told that I could pick it up in the facility after the shower. Yep, shower.

Then, I was given a set of clothing – a long-sleeved top and a pair of loose drawstring pants. Oh, and a small sachet with soap. Okay…

I was directed to a changing room and given instructions to take a shower and then change into the grey & drab-looking clothing. Before I could ask about a towel, I was assured that that was provided for as well. Super.

After the quickest shower ever, I changed into my temporary clothing and I thought that finally, I’d enter the facility-proper. Nope. Not quite yet.

Before exiting the changing area, I still had to go through a corridor where my entire being would be lightly sprayed with a mild disinfectant. I was given a pair of goggles to protect my eyes. Disinfectant in eyes, bad.

When I finally entered the hatchery, I went in smelling of disinfectant. Yep, it was a cleansing experience indeed.


 What is one of the strangest things you had to do for work?

17 thoughts on “(G)erm-free

      • lol…I occasionally had to do the other sections too, but that was the strangest in part b/c of the porn and in part b/c despite being the least checked out section, the cases were always way grimier **gag**

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  1. I used to audit a bitumen factory. Every time I entered the facility, it felt like ants were crawling all over my body. It didn’t strike me as a reaction to the smell only after I told a colleague. I think I told you 😊

    Visiting the hatchery sounds different and something I would like to have experienced too!


    • Hey M: Yep, you did mention it to me before and I sympathise. Going to a hatchery was an experience but the procedure going in and out was a little tiresome LOL


  2. Oh my goodness. That’s quite the procedure! Good to take precautions though. I think probably the strangest thing here was having to re-insert a prolapsed rectum on a kitten…multiple times. Had to buy gloves and ky jelly just for him. Never want to do that again. lol Thankfully he grew out of that. Whew!


    • Hi Anna – I can’t even imagine how you do what you described and also, poor kitten!!! I’m sure it was as strange for he/ she as it was for you 🙂


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