That one (F)reaky (F)riday

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. Each post will be associated with a letter of the alphabet with the theme ‘Today, at work…’.


Today, at work, I wished I had called in sick.

I slept through my alarm. And I had a serious case of bed head. Unfortunately, there was no time to wash or tame my hair since I had to leave the house in the next 5 minutes. Solution? Throw it into a bun.

I arrived at work and the admin lady informed me that a colleague called in sick due to a mild infection of the cochlea and another colleague was on emergency leave as his house had been broken into and was at the police station to report it.

A quiet day at the office then, I thought to myself. Again, I had spoken much too soon. Much, MUCH too soon.

The Boss arrived. With her mother. Yep, her mother. After quick hellos, they cocooned themselves in The Boss’s office.

Then the colleague who was sick came in followed by the other colleague whose house had been broken into. What the heck was happening?

Two elderly men came to the office 10 minutes later. Who were these guys? The admin lady directed them to The Boss’s office. They passed my desk without making eye contact.

“We have an important meeting in an hour!” The Boss barked from her office. Meeting? We didn’t have a scheduled meeting today. Again, what the heck was happening???

At the meeting.

The Boss informed us that she had sold the company. WHAT. THE. HECK?

The two elderly men were the new owners AKA The Boss’s new bosses. The Boss’s mother was at the office because she was the other shareholder of the company besides The Boss.

The Boss also informed us that we still have our jobs (I hadn’t even thought that far as I was still digesting the fact that the company had been sold) and that we’d have to move to the new office in the next month.

After the meeting, one of the senior staff goes into The Boss’s office and closed the door. 15 minutes later she walked out and The Boss calls us back into the meeting room and announced that that senior staff would be leaving the company. Normally, I would be dismayed but with all that happened today, I just nodded and mumbled “Ok.”

What next? Plague of locusts?


What has been your worst “bad day at work” day?


24 thoughts on “That one (F)reaky (F)riday

  1. Wow! That is a lot happening in a day! Glad it didn’t mean the end of your job for you. Wonder why the other quit though.


  2. I was onsite at a client site when I got the news that we had been taken over. Took me completely by surprise because I had been under the impression that we would be spun off into our own company. Of course, this is on a Friday afternoon and everyone had gone home for the day, so I had no one to call and find out what was going on…


  3. That is not fun at all!!!! I think my worst day at work was when a co-worker decided to tell the boss something I had said in the heat of a bad moment. This turned into me getting “talked” to, which actually turned into me quitting eventually. The whole situation was filled with a lot of unnecessary drama, but in the end was the best thing to happen!


    • Hi Tawny – yikes, that does sound like not a good day at all for you. And that co-worker sounds evil. Gosh, I hate unnecessary drama at work, it just takes away from focusing on the actual work you need to do. Glad you’re out of it! 🙂


    • Hi Stephanie – Yes, when it happened, I considered leaving but eventually stayed on for a while to see if the new set-up would be better. It wasn’t. So, I left.


  4. Blimey that was a Freaky Friday!

    One of mine was – I was planning our wedding (we were getting married 250 miles from where we lived and logistically it was a nightmare, non traditional so constantly dealing with unusual stuff) and dealing with a long phone call to my Dad about how he absolutely could not do whatever crazy idea he had to help, whilst being filmed for a DVD for my current company, whilst my boss turned up to hand me my at risk of redundancy notice…

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

    p.s. We got married (and still are), all was fine with the wedding, Dad didn’t do the crazy, I took the redundancy as I wanted to leave and the DVD was a success


    • Haha Mars – that sounds like it was extremely freaky! LOL Glad that everything worked out and I’m sure you can look back and laugh about it now though I’m sure then, you would have wanted to pull out your hair 😀


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