Blogging from A to Z: 2016 Edition

I’ve done Blogging A to Z several years now – maybe 3 or 4 years. Though there were days when I was late to post, I always eventually did which meant for those few years, I surprised myself by writing nearly everyday in April within the confines of a theme.

Last year, though I set myself with quite a challenging theme which meant that it would’ve been interesting to write and read, I didn’t finish Blogging A to Z. I wasn’t even halfway, I didn’t even finish the week. I ended the month with E. Ironic.

Why I stopped writing? I don’t quite know – I still had ideas, I had the time – maybe it was the will, though I don’t like to think that that was it because I love writing and to admit that I stopped writing because I was losing the will, is well, defeating, even though that may be the case. I probably set too high an expectation on myself though and forgot that Blogging A to Z is fundamentally supposed to be fun – you write about what you love, you read other people’s writing and share your thoughts and best of all, meet other writers!

And meeting other writers was something precious that this April activity has gifted me. Through Blogging A to Z, I’ve met two writers, read their books, immediately became a fan and continued buying their books when they published new ones. I’ve read some amazing stories (fiction and non-fiction) that sparked ideas for some of my new writing. So I always look forward to April.

I can’t wait for Theme Reveal Day – I’m going back to my roots with the theme and trying not to overthink it or to set too high an expectation on myself. And I’m going to keep reminding myself that I’m doing this because it’s awesome and fun.


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