In the William Shakespeare Room (F2K): Lesson 5 Characterisation

Yay! An original Lesson 5! Again, the ideas preferred to stay in my head. Forcing them out through my fingers was a pain but I did it! It could’ve been better, in my opinion but I think it’s ain’t half-bad 🙂


“So Ev, who was that guy?”

“Which guy?”

“The one you were nose to nose with at the elevators the other day? He’s dreamy.”

“Alexandra! Were you spying on me? I didn’t see you in the lobby that day so how would you know about that?”

“Many little birdies told me, and this isn’t about me, Ev, it’s about you and Dreamy. So, who is he?”

“No one.”

“Please, evasion doesn’t work with me and from what I heard, the both of you held up traffic at the elevators. Everyone else had to go around the both of you to get in and out of the lifts and I’m sure you didn’t even realise it.”


“Stop it! And answer the question already! Or I’ll go over to your desk and switch out your nicely sharpened pencils with my delightfully blunt ones…”

“All right, all right! Leave my pencils alone! His name is Benjamin and he’s absolutely NOT dreamy. A nightmare, yes. Dreamy, nuh-uh.”


“You asked me who he was and I just told you, Alex.”

“Hmmm…this sounds like a lady-doth-protests-too-much scenario which implies that this Benjamin-who-isn’t-dreamy got under your skin. Interesting…”

“There is nothing interesting about this whole thing, and he is NOT under my skin.”

“All I’m hearing is more protests…Eva and Benjamin sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-“

“Okay, I’ll spill! You’re really annoying; you do know that, right, Al?”

“Yes, and still I’m your bestest best friend in the entire world. Okay, I’m ready, go!”

“I’m so going to regret this. Okay, you remember Selena, my childhood friend who’s getting married in 2 weeks?”

“Yep, the one who’s making you wear that silvery-peach ugliness she calls a bridesmaid gown.”


“Okay, I’ll can the sarcasm. A little.”

“She invited everyone in the wedding party to a pre-wedding get-together last weekend so that all the bridesmaids could meet the groomsmen. Also, she wanted to let us know her expectations for the wedding so that we don’t screw up her momentous day. Quote, unquote.”

“That sounds exactly like the Selena you moaned and groaned to me about. Tell me, why are you her bridesmaid again? Wait, don’t answer that, we were talking about Benjamin.”

“I’m getting there. Well, Benjamin was at the get-together because he’s Tobey’s best man. Apparently, they’re childhood friends as well and I haven’t met him before because he’d just returned from working in Tokyo the past couple of years.”

“Oooohhh..and you’re the bridesmaid. You know what they say about the bridesmaid and the best man getting together on the wedding day…”

“That’s absolutely not going to happen-“

“Come on, Eva, why do you have to be so negative all the time! Have hope! He’s tall and dreamy. You’re single, you guys looked good together. According to my little birdie informants.”

“Alexandra, it’s not going to happen because Benjamin is married.”

(WC 476)


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