In the William Shakespeare Room (F2K): Lesson 4 Conflict

Lesson 4 is not my favourite lesson, to be honest. For me, conflict always seems major and trying to write about a minor conflict is hard. I wanted to do a new piece for this one and already had some words down but then time ran away from me again (or I ran away from time) and so had to scramble to put up my lesson, which was a re-tooling of a previous lesson. Note to self: This shall be the last time I use a previous lesson and submit it as a new one…


Eva grinned as she watched her younger sister Cassandra race down the stairs in her customary the-world-is-too-slow-for-her-magnificence flair. Her untied midnight hair streamed behind her like a superhero’s cape and her ear glued to her mobile while she spoke into it at a million miles a minute. Eva shook her head at the sight of her sister who was likely going to be late for school that day as the aroma of coffee and burnt waffles filled the kitchen.

Eva began to turn away from her younger sister’s exuberance but her gaze caught a familiar accessory which dangled from Cassandra’s right wrist – a leather bracelet with three blue and white porcelain circlets in a row; a gift from Grandpa to Eva.

When Cass reached the kitchen, Eva asked in the most neutral tone that she had in her “Is that my bracelet, Cass?”

“Yep.” Cass tossed the reply towards Eva and walked to the kitchen island and filled a mug with chicory-flavoured coffee.

Eva winced at the reply. “I don’t mind when you borrow my things but that bracelet is quite precious to me so I’d appreciate if you ask me beforehand.”

“Well, I’m wearing it now so that’s me asking you if I can wear it, ‘kay? Besides, it was the only accessory that matched my outfit today. What do you think?” Cass twirled showing off her trim figure draped in a light blue sundress that showcased her tan.

“Cass…” Eva continued, “You know what? Can you just give it back to me?”

“Seriously! What’s the big deal?! It’s just a darn bracelet!”

“Grandpa gave it to me, it’s kind of important…” Eva reached out towards Cass. The bracelet was the only thing she had of their grandfather. Cass was just a baby when he died and hardly knew him. To Cass, it was an accessory that matched her outfit. To Eva, it was everything.

“You want your bracelet – here!” Cass wrenched the bracelet from her wrist and flung it towards Eva. Eva felt the cool porcelain of the bracelet meet her right cheek, felt the welt that it would become and watched the bracelet hit the kitchen tile in so many pieces. Could she put all the shattered pieces back together?

(WC 370)


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