In the William Shakespeare Room (F2K): Lesson 3 POV

Okay, so I didn’t procrastinate that badly this lesson around. Although I had high hopes I would be able to post my lesson on Saturday, I knew then that it was a pipe dream. Lesson 2 used to be my favourite lesson but this lesson is slowly and surely becoming a favourite as well. This lesson is also based on a sort-of true incident. Yep, I’m mining my life to inform my writing! Thanks Ben?


1st person POV

My phone pings. It’s Ben, texting to say he was coming up to meet me. Sorry! Another time maybe? I’m on the way to lunch I reply, and then grab my purse and run to the lifts. I tap my feet anxiously when a thought hit me: What if the lift arrives and Ben’s in it? I decide to walk up one floor and take the lift down from there. This way, I reason, even if the lift stops at my floor and he’s in it, he’ll get out and I’ll be in the clear. The lift arrives and it was empty. I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding. I hear another ping from my phone. Wait for me, we’ll grab lunch together. As the lift heads to the ground floor, I tap my reply Raincheck? and wait impatiently for the message to be sent. The lift stops three times and bodies flood in until I’m wedged at the far right corner. We finally arrive on the ground floor, the doors slide open and everyone rushes to get out. I let them and was last to leave. I’m restless. As I walk out, a hand stops the lift doors from closing. It’s Ben.

2nd person POV

You park your pick-up truck near the entrance of the building Eva works in and send a text message to her. She’s not expecting you today so you wonder how she’ll react when she receives your message. Your phone pings and you see that it’s a message from Eva. You read her reply and smile to yourself. She’s decided to avoid you. Well, you’ve always enjoyed the chase and Eva is proving to be an interesting quarry. You walk into the building and remove your sunglasses, tucking them into the front of your button-down shirt. You walk towards the bank of lifts, your gait slow and steady. There’s a large crowd of people trying to get into the lift that just arrived so you decide to wait for the next one. You reply to Eva’s message while you wait. The lift finally arrives and you step aside as the occupants flood out. When the last occupant steps out of the lift, the doors start to close so you hold it open. You hear a sigh and find yourself face to face with Eva. You grin.

(WC 392)

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